Creating Inner Balance | Chakras

Chakras are powerful centres that generate energy for everything we think, feel and do. If you want to improve the quality of your life, then chakras hold the key. Through understanding the chakra system, you can develop greater physical health, emotional stability and spiritual awareness.

Creating Inner Balance | The Chakras

One of the major issues people complain of these days is lack of energy. Human energy is part of a complex system known as the Chakras or Human Energy System. Your energy levels are a key indicator of your overall health.

Each Chakra has a different lesson and we can become stuck in any place. With greater awareness and application, we can release these blocks and learn to balance the flow of energy throughout the Chakras.

Deepen your yoga practice by developing your awareness of Core Energy and the Chakras. Chakras are at the heart of the human energy system and form a major part of your energy anatomy.

This workshop introduces gentle ways of creating balance and topping up your energy levels. We will use a blend of movement, energy psychology and Chakra balancing. We will also explore the Five Elements and how you can enhance your health in Body, Mind and Spirit. Learn to make immediate energetic changes that can positively impact your sense of inner balance, happiness, success and fulfilment.

In the workshop you will:

  • explore the seven main Chakras 
  • develop a greater awareness of your own energy flow 
  • learn how to raise energy for vitality and wellbeing
  • create immediate energetic shifts that support your overall health

Open to everyone. Bring a pen and notebook.

Caroline Shola Arewa

Caroline Shola Arewa, known as the Energy Doctor is a Wellness Coach, International Speaker and the Author of five books including Opening to Spirit and Way of the Chakras. She has numerous published articles and currently writes for Yoga Magazine and Inspired Wellness. Shola became a Yoga Teacher in 1985 and is also a Humanistic Psychologist and expert in Spiritual and Personal Development. She trained practitioners in complimentary medicine for 10 years, winning the prestigious CAM award in 2009. She is the founder of Energy 4 Life, Wellness Coach training. Shola loves to travel, and presents worldwide, she also features in the film Yogawoman. Her latest book is Alchemy of Energy – Change your Energy – Change your Life. Shola is passionate about helping people get their Energy back and Lives on Track.

  • Teacher - Caroline Shola Arewa

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