workshops & events

Our inspiring range of workshops, courses & webinars range from Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Holistic Birth Rehearsal, Yamuna Bodyrolling & Sound Bath Ceremony to FREE webinars, offering ways to gain invaluable insight & develop & deepen aspects of your mind-body practices.

21 May 2022 
Aerial Yoga Workshop
| In Studio
with  Emily Mulligan

An exhilarating and relaxing experiential aerial journey, where you will be guided through the foundations of aerial yoga to more dynamic playful practices and then on to a deep relaxation.

11 June 2022 
Inversion Workshop
| In Studio
with  Kath Roberts

Explore and work methodically with different techniques to prepare for going upside down.

25 June 2022 
Empowering Children Through Breathing Practices | IN STUDIO
| In Studio
with  Ayala Homossany

Sharing creative breathing practices with children, tweens and teens. Learn how yoga and mindfulness practices help manage stress and support emotional regulation for this age group.

3 July 2022 
Reset to Peace – A Yin, Breath, Meditation & Sound Workshop
| In Studio
with  Emma Peel

A beautiful mini-retreat experience with yin yoga, pranayama, meditation and sound.

2 July 2022 
Holistic Birth Rehearsal – a Couples Workshop
| In Studio
with  Alexa Dean

Physical and Emotional Tools for Labour & Birth

19 June 2022 
Sound Bath
| In Studio
with  Anne Malone

A magical and nourishing evening of Gong, Singing Bowls, Hang, Vocal Toning, Celtic Drum, Sansula, Koshi Bells and Rainstick.

16 July 2022 
Introduction to Yoga & Creativity For Children
| In Studio
with  Ayala Homossany

Explore how yoga and creativity affects children’s wellbeing and the different ways yoga enables us to hold and create an enriching environment for children.

30 September 2022 
Weekend Forest Retreat
with  Gingi Lee, Liz Lark

Gingi Lee and Liz Lark are co-hosting this affordable weekend retreat in the beautiful Ashdown Forest, just an hour’s train journey or drive out of South London. Held in a nature inspired Explorative Creating learning centre set within a 22- acre Botanic Garden, the retreat includes seven yoga sessions, locally sourced biodynamic vegetarian meals and the opportunity to spend a nourishing and uplifting weekend with like-minded yogi/nis.