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10 reasons to come back to in studio classes

Ten reasons why we should do classes back in the studio

What is the brains most important job?

By Nadyne McKie

Yoga in 2021 and beyond…

How will the pandemic change the way students practice and the teacher’s prospects of working in the yoga industry? In this article Rina Modi, Teacher Training Manager explores what yoga may look like in the future based upon trends we are seeing both nationally and globally.

Exploring the yamas & niyamas

Exploring the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical and moral guidelines of yoga, which lay out a path for living yoga on and off the mat. Coursework written by teacher training graduate Lesley Collinson

How to support your home restore (yin) classes

a practical guide to improvised yoga props so you can make the most of your online restore/yin yoga classes from home.

Reflections on becoming a yoga teacher

As part of their coursework, we asked our teacher trainees to write about what kind of yoga teacher they aspired to be. Here Lesley Collinson muses on her desire to create an inclusive space in her classes and to share something deeper “the mysteries and joys of life; creating breathing space; space for each person to explore, connect and grow holistically. “

1985 karate kid

Gingi Lee training with Sensei Richard Lee (Hanshi) in Paris, France.

1987 the warrior path

Training and teaching martial arts in Paris, London and abroad.

1990 india calls

Gingi Lee travels, paints and teaches tai chi in India in the early 1990s

1991 beckoned by a swami

Discovering the path of yoga with Swami Shyam Yogi in Pushkar