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Five Unexpected Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training

There are a plethora of reasons people join our 200-hour yoga teacher training. Here, in our view, are five of unexpected benefits to doing a teacher training course at the Shala.

benefits chair yoga

Top 10 Benefits of Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is seeing a huge increase in popularity. It offers all the regular benefits of yoga (strength, flexibility, mental clarity, stress reduction) but what sets it apart is it makes yoga accessible to every body regardless of  mobility or physical challenges.

yoga for sleep

Sleep | Wellness Series

Lack of sleep can often be linked to stress and anxiety but also the busyness of everyday modern life. If you are caught up in a perpetual cycle of sleep deprivation, the natural by-product of practicing yoga is a reduction in stress and often an improvement in sleep. 

yoga for stress

Stress | Wellness Series

Contemporary stressors tend to linger in our stress system and therefore this system is either constantly activated or repeatedly activatedThe constant high response of this system is a factor in some of the biggest health problems of our time, including diabetes and strokes as well as a myriad of other problems.

yoga for burnout

Burnout | Wellness Series

Those that are feeling exhausted and burnt out are likely to benefit less from a physically challenging yoga class, instead the focus is best placed on restoration and renewal to help reduce exhaustion.

yoga for anxiety

Anxiety | Wellness Series

Yoga can help with anxiety by inhibiting the chemical messenger in the brain that involves the fear-based pathways associated with anxiety. Find out more about yoga for anxiety on our latest wellness blog.  

yoga for low mood

Low Mood | Wellness Series

Consistent low mood can rob you of vitality and joy. Yoga has been proven to increase energy levels, activate our power systems and lift your mood by increasing the neurotransmitter GABA.

Blog Pic - Accessible Yoga

Low Cost Yoga

As part of our commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity and accessibility within yoga we offer subsidised places of £5 yoga drop-in rates in every class.

The Shala SYT Review

The Shala’s Advanced Teacher Training has been a deeply-reflective and enjoyable part of my yoga journey. It’s such a shame it has come to an end. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Gingi Lee & Derek Ireland

Yoga adjusts & assists

Understanding the art of yoga adjustments and assists in the ashtanga first series is a whole new frontier.