200-hour yoga teacher training

The Shala School of Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training programme has been described by past graduates as “transformational”, “life-changing” and “mind-blowing”.  We have recently restructured this training programme to make studying with us even more accessible and flexible for students with varying needs and goals. Our carefully curated programme and experienced and dedicated teaching faculty will take practitioners deeper into their yoga practice, instilling teaching skills and knowledge and nurturing a new generation of teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training | 200-hour Foundation Course

in Studio in South London with some learning Online

This unique programme has evolved from more than 20 years’ experience of running a yoga centre. The course is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and is designed to  give you the skills, knowledge and motivation needed to thrive in today’s yoga environment. 

The teaching faculty comprises some of the UK’s most experienced and inspirational teachers including Gingi LeeKath RobertsMelanie Cooper, and Dr Matthew Clark. The course offers a solid foundation for all students, whether you know you wish to teach yoga, or you are initially looking to enrich your own personal yoga journey. 

Course Overview

The Shala School of Yoga was set up in 2016 for our experienced teaching team to pass on their considerable knowledge and produce a new generation of inspiring and authentic yoga teachers. The programme crafts and intertwines traditional methods with a more contemporary approach and provides a non-dogmatic comprehensive immersion introducing the vast subject of yoga. We examine many aspects of the science of yoga, from the physical practices of asana, pranayama, kriya and anatomy to the mental, philosophical and spiritual nature of the practice. The asana study is influenced by ashtanga yoga but is broad in scope.  

Our wider teacher training  programme  is based on modules to allow you the flexibility to choose your own individual path of learning. We also study through a blended approach, with in studio, livestream and on demand options for many courses, which allows you to comprehend topics fully and with a variety of learning styles in mind. The course gives space for learning, reading, coursework and teaching practice. 


Our objective for graduates who wish to teach yoga is to instill confidence, compassion and integrity. We aim for our graduate teachers to teach with passion and inspiration and for them to be able to spread yoga authentically to others in a meaningful way. Our 200-hour programme accepts 18-24 students per intake, allowing those involved to feel like they are part of a community and get the attention, nurture and guidance to take part in what is for most students a hugely transformational experience. 


Graduate Course Feedback

Teaching Faculty

The Shala School of Yoga brings together an exceptionally experienced and gifted team of teachers giving a broad and diverse exploration of the subject. Leading our next course in 2022 are senior Yoga Alliance registered teachers Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts. Together they bring over 50 combined years of teaching experience and each have themselves come from a strong lineage of teachers under whom they have studied.

Supporting Teachers

Also on the team are: Dr Matthew Clark who will delve into the History and Philosophy of yoga; Melanie Cooper who brings Anatomy and Physiology to life, Norman Blair who will introduce you to Yin practices and Hamish Hendry sharing his experiences and invaluable insight on Dharma Philosophy and teaching Ashtanga Yoga.  

Lead Teacher: Gingi Lee

The founder of the Shala, Gingi has taught, trained and inspired many British and international yoga teachers over the last two decades. Gingi initially studied and taught martial arts and then moved on to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with the late Derek Ireland. He has been teaching yoga for 25+ years and running his own centre for 21 years. In the last few years he has regularly trained with Bodyrolling innovator Yamuna Zake and he now incorporates this practice into his teachings. Read more on his Biography

Gingi is “a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, who engages with the students and creates an open and honest environment for sharing and learning.”


“I didn’t expect to go so deep with this practice on the TTC. Very intense and emotional experience. Gingi held such a safe supportive space it was really special.”


“I feel very lucky to learn from such a gifted adjuster. Gingi has such a lovely approach to this art.”

Lead Teacher: Kath Roberts

Kath has been an integral part of the faculty since its inception and has been teaching with Gingi at the Shala since 2003. With 30 years of experience on the mat and 20+ years of teaching experience, she brings an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge as a teacher. Kath’s far-reaching influences include Sivananda, Ashtanga and most noticeably Iyengar and she fuses these styles in her teachings, creating a rich and informed approach to yoga. Read more on her Biography.


“Kath is an outstanding teacher who combines a wonderful understanding of technique and purpose with great empathy and compassion.”


“Kath is an authentic and dedicated teacher who teaches with infinite humility, integrity and compassion.”


“kind, humble and her students are her priority.”

“Kath brings about a different energy… her nurturing qualities and quiet energy have been so crucial to the course”

Course Structure


The 200-hour programme comprises of four modules, all four of which must be completed if you wish to gain a 200-hour certificate


If you join the course then we reserve a space for you on all four upcoming modules. There is, however, flexibility for the Anatomy and the Philosophy modules to be deferred to a later date as long as all four modules are completed within 1 to 2 years to gain certification. Modules can also be done as stand-alone courses with no 200-hour certification. Click on the links above to read more about each individual module.


The course includes monthly small group mentoring by the lead teachers who will hold session via Zoom throughout the duration of Foundation 2. The aim of these sessions is to support you through the course and provide a safe and more intimite forum for discussion and answering any specific questions which may come up for you.  

Blended Learning

We understand that many students work full time at the same time as studying, while others may have caring responsibilities and other commitments, so we offer a degree of flexibility with the format of our course. The programme has some components of blended learning in the form of livestream online sessions and some pre-recorded content for philosophy and anatomy which can, should you wish to, be completed at later dates.

Foundations 1 and 2 take place in the studio and we do require students to attend in person. We feel strongly that these practices are best learnt and experienced in person where we can fully explore the deeper energetics and nuances, including communicating through touch. In instances where you are absolutely unable to come into the studio, then we can  accommodate the option to attend via Zoom livestream, but this should be in exceptional circumstances.

Elective Modules

As a Shala 200-hour student you have the added benefit of being able to study any of our additional specialist modules to allow you to also teach areas of yoga that are of particular interest to you. These specialist interest courses range from pregnancy yoga to sequencing, aerial, yin yoga, yoga nidra and restorative yoga. Students completing Foundation 1, 2 and Philosophy 1 and Anatomy 1 who also do a specialist module would be qualified to teach these as specialist subjects (although there are some exceptions to this rule).  See other elective modules here.


This 200-hour course is a foundation yoga course which will introduce students to the vast subject of yoga. The Asana module will be influenced by ashtanga but will be broad in scope using the ashtanga sequence as a framework to explore postures and hands-on adjustments in more depth. We will explore an accessible beginners vinyasa sequence, in addition to the full ashtanga primary sequence and students will be equipped to go on to teach ashtanga or to explore vinyasa sequencing of their own. The approach will be non-dogmatic and will touch on the traditional and more contemporary approaches to yoga. You will learn some hands-on adjustments, detailed alignment and technical break down of the postures.

A typical day starts with pranayama, meditation and/or chanting and an asana practice. There are 205 contact hours in total in addition to about 50-75 non-contact hours required for assignments and coursework. For more on how the course breaks down please see the drop down menu on Syllabus Breakdown below.

What you can expect from the Course

By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • be able to confidently teach a dynamic led Level 1 and Level 2 class influenced by the ashtanga system 
  • be able to safely adjust many of the postures in the ashtanga primary series
  • have an understanding of anatomy & physiology and be able to translate this into your teachings
  • have a connection with the philosophical and historical roots of yoga and be able to transmit this into teaching
  • have a full grasp of the ethics of yoga and how this translates into being a teacher
  • be confident to lead simple pranayama, meditation and chanting within the class
  • have a deeper connection to yoga and be living yoga beyond the mat

The Shala School of Yoga Teacher Training Programme

2022-2023 Course Dates

  • The dates of our 200-hour modules are set out below and will not change unless there are exceptional circumstances. 
  • It is essential that you are available to attend all days of each module to fulfil your requirements and graduate from the training. 
  • If accepted on to the course you will be reserved a place for all four upcoming modules (Foundations 1, Foundations 2, Anatomy 1, Philosophy 1).
  • It is possible to sign up for the modules one by one and spread them out over a longer period of learning though this is a less economical way to do the course.
  • As long as all modules are successfully completed within a period of 2 years you can still attain a 200-hour accreditation. 
  • Your starting point should always be Foundations 1 which usually runs twice a year. 
  • When IN STUDIO, the course takes place at the Shala in West Norwood. 
  • The hours for Foundations 1 & 2 are usually 9am–6pm in the studio. In extenuating circumstances it will be possible to attend via Zoom but this is not encouraged. 
  • Here are the upcoming dates for Foundations 1 & 2. You can choose to do both modules with the same lead teacher(s) or you can opt for different lead teachers for each module.
  • Saturday 10 September 2022
  • Sunday 11 September 2022 
  • Friday 12 September 2022
  • Saturday 8 October 2022
  • Sunday 9 October 2022
  • Friday 19 November 2022
  • Saturday 20 November 2022
  • Sunday 21 November 2022
  • Saturday 10 December 2022
  • Sunday 11 December 2022
  • Monday 12 December 2022
  • Saturday 14 January 2023
  • Sunday 15 January 2023
  • Monday 16 January 2023
  • Saturday 25 February 2023
  • Sunday 26 February 2023
  • Monday 27 February 2023
  • Saturday 25 March 2023
  • Sunday 26 March 2023
  • Monday 27 March 2023

For the next Anatomy and Philosophy Module dates please see respective module pages.

Or Click here for a pdf of whole schedule with all modules for our next course.

Course Requirements & Recommendations

Application Process


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