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Breathwork for asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions

Neuroscience shows that fear and memory are related to the breath. By changing our breathing patterns we have the potential to free ourselves from many respiratory problems.


How can the breath help with so many conditions?

How can the breath help with so many conditions? Well the simple answer is that the breath is involved in every condition. Oxygen is the primary need for people and all mammals.There’s no condition that exists without it.

Breathwork for Cancer

Breathwork for cancer

Inspired by our Breath for Life series, a pilot study at St James Hospital, Leeds monitored the benefits of simple yoga and breathing techniques for people post surgery for lung cancer. The results were outstanding.

Gingi Lee Retreats

Announcing italy, scotland & sri lanka

Three wonderful, very different retreats coming up with Gingi in 2018 and 2019 – Italy, Scotland or Sri Lanka – take your pick!


Teaching apprenticeship scheme

A Yoga Teaching Apprenticeship scheme to develop teaching skills within an ashtanga self practice class setting. An ideal opportunity for newly graduated teachers to continue to develop, grow in confidence and gain a deeper understanding of working with hands-on adjustments.

Pilates Classes

7 reasons to try pilates

To celebrate our 7 days a week pilates schedule here are 7 good reasons to try pilates.

Bodyrolling Gingi Lee

My body rolling journey

Gingi Lee talks about his discovery of Yamuna Body Rolling and why he has found it such a powerful method of physical self-help, healing and sustainability.


Italy retreat 2018

Next October we will returning to Puglia, Southern Italy to run a one week ashtanga yoga and Yamuna bodyrolling retreat.


All done by breath

Your breath has the power to completely change your life. Learn more and how, with the brilliant Ben Wolff…


The gift of mindfulness

The precious gift of mindfulness and being present. Ahead of her Introduction to Mindfulness workshop, our teacher Aoife shares about the practice of mindfulness, being present and how it correlates to happiness.