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The gift of mindfulness

The precious gift of mindfulness and being present. Ahead of her Introduction to Mindfulness workshop, our teacher Aoife shares about the practice of mindfulness, being present and how it correlates to happiness.

Yoga for the family

Yoga for the family

Family yoga is the perfect activity for the whole family, creating bonds through partner poses, acrobatics, stories, mindful games and play. Share quality time together and relax!

Yamuna Bodyrolling

What is body rolling?

Learn about Body Rolling; the technical, practical and therapeutic system created by international teacher Yamuna Zake.

Mysore Yoga class

Exploring mysore classes

Fundamentally, a Mysore style “self-practice” allows students to progress on a truly personal and much deeper level with few external distractions. The special serenity, quietness and focus of this class enhances a deep meditative state and fully embraces yoga as a moving meditation.


yoga for london refugees

In working with Ourmala, we will facilitate yoga for refugees and asylum seekers who would not ordinarily have access to it and who will reap the benefits in a profound and life-changing way.

Kirtans Illumini

Open your voice, open your heart

Mantras and chanting offer a powerful tool to calm the mind, reduce incessant thinking, and create focus and empowerment in our lives


Overcoming insomnia

Master the art of sleep….

Breathwork for Depression

Breath work for depression & negativity

Turn up your internal sunshine with this month’s Breath for Life workshop tackling depression, negativity, brain fog and self criticism.

Gong Meditation

Harness the energy of the full moon

The first full moon of the year in Cancer offers us an opportunity to create a strong foundation for the direction we wish to move in during 2017.


The secrets of how to accelerate healing

An evidence based workshop exploring the secrets of how to accelerate healing by harnessing the healing power of the breath and mind.