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Teacher Training Courses

Through the lens of a teacher trainee

“yoga gives me the space to better hold my darkness as well as my light as I continue on this journey of self-discovery and growth”

Pilates Foam Rollers

Foam-roller thursday

Use of Foam Rollers in our Thursday evening Pilates classes helps with core engagement, alignment, improved recovery time. This month we focus on Myofascial release.

Bodyrolling for the Back

Maintain a healthy back with bodyrolling

Statistically we have an 80% chance of having back problems at some point in our lives so it is essential to look after your back. Yamuna Bodyrolling works exceptionally well to heal and sustain your back.


Yamuna yoga training

Yamuna Zake will be teaching her first European Yamuna Yoga teacher training at the Shala in September.

Pilates Class

Getting the most from your pilates practice

New to Pilates? We picked our Pilates teacher’s brains about how to get the most from your practice. Here are their top tips….


Breathwork for asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions

Neuroscience shows that fear and memory are related to the breath. By changing our breathing patterns we have the potential to free ourselves from many respiratory problems.


How can the breath help with so many conditions?

How can the breath help with so many conditions? Well the simple answer is that the breath is involved in every condition. Oxygen is the primary need for people and all mammals.There’s no condition that exists without it.

Breathwork for Cancer

Breathwork for cancer

Inspired by our Breath for Life series, a pilot study at St James Hospital, Leeds monitored the benefits of simple yoga and breathing techniques for people post surgery for lung cancer. The results were outstanding.

Gingi Lee Retreats

Announcing italy, scotland & sri lanka

Three wonderful, very different retreats coming up with Gingi in 2018 and 2019 – Italy, Scotland or Sri Lanka – take your pick!


Teaching apprenticeship scheme

A Yoga Teaching Apprenticeship scheme to develop teaching skills within an ashtanga self practice class setting. An ideal opportunity for newly graduated teachers to continue to develop, grow in confidence and gain a deeper understanding of working with hands-on adjustments.