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Post-Natal Pilates

Post natal pilates course

Reclaim your body and get your body back in to shape after pregnancy

Bodyrolling London

On the ball

Yamuna Body rolling, a technique devised by Yamuna Zake using specialised balls to lengthen, tone and release muscles and tendons through the body in a systemized way.

Thai Massage

Thai massage – the benefits

A Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork: it is a healing art that uses a combination of traditional massage, energy line work, pressure point work, and applied yoga stretches

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage & reflexology

Introducing Sunny Jaspal: Massage therapist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and trainee Acupuncturist to our team.

Norman Blair Blog

Being flexible about flexibility

Norman Blair’s thoughts on the subject of hypermobility, the issues of flexibility in yoga, being able to sustain a yoga practice and specifically practicing Yin yoga

Yamuna Bodyrolling

Yamuna body rolling

Body rolling is a must for yoga students: It will enable and deepen your practice; it will teach and inform you about your own anatomy; and it will help you let go of emotional blocks, trauma and stress. You will feel more centred, grounded and more at ease physically and emotionally.

Foot Reflexology

World reflexology week

Discover the benefits of reflexology with our World Reflexology Week 20% off discount

Brad Warner

Zen uncut with brad warner

An inspiring, down to earth, contemporary introduction to Zen meditation. No robes and super laid back.

Teen Yoga

Why teens should do yoga

Yoga is invaluable in helping teens deal with changing emotions and stress.

Norman Blair Yoga

The body – by norman blair

Breathing, feeling, releasing, softening – this can be a way for us to better be, this can be a way for us to be waking up and more fully connecting to all that is.