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Hay Fever & Asthma

Hay fever or asthma? sneezing? shortness of breath?

Unlock your own abilities to reduce many common allergies and asthma and breathe freely again

Pregnancy Yoga

Top 5 reasons to do yoga in pregnancy

Find out more about the amazing benefits of yoga for mother and unborn child during pregnancy

Gong Sound Bath

Introducing moon gong meditations

Monthly Moon Gong Meditations coming to the Shala from Sunday 5 June.

Turmeric Benefits

The incredible health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric. It’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immune boosting, digestive and shown to help reduce tumours, risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart attack and stroke

Childbirth Pain Management

Natural pain relief in childbirth

Discover an ancient breathing system that women have used for pain relief thousands of years before epidurals

Family Yoga

Family yoga

New family yoga classes providing a unique opportunity for parents to share yoga with their kids.

Pain Management

Escape the prison of pain

Breath your way out of the prison of pain. New research shows how we breathe can be directly linked to how we experience pain.

Yamuna Bodyrolling

Rolling your way to a happier body

Everyone feels major changes after their first body rolling session. It realigns you, bringing all the parts back to where they are supposed to be. You suddenly feel right” in your body.”

Dharma Yoga Masterclass

Free classes on may bank holiday

Range of free classes over the bank holiday (Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd May) which will be filmed for our website

Improve Sleep

Improve sleep, accelerate healing and change your life

Dramatically improve your sleep, accelerate healing and change your life in one afternoon….