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Yoga Nidra

What is nidra and how can it help me?

what is nidra and how can it help me?

Gingi Lee & Derek Ireland

Yoga adjusts & assists

Understanding the art of yoga adjustments and assists in the ashtanga first series is a whole new frontier.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra as a journey through the brain waves

A blog by Melanie Cooper

Nutrition & Breathwork

The non-nutrition guide to nutrition

Amanda Morley shares how her exploration of the breath has improved her offering as a nutritionist and helped to heal her personally as well

Grief, Love & Loss

Grief, love & loss

A blog by Natasha Palram on the tornados of confusion tied up with grief, a chance to heal and a door to loveliness.

Styles of Yoga

Styles of yoga

An overview of the styles of yoga we offer at the Shala from ashtanga and vinyasa flow to yin, dharma and jivamukti.

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in early pregnancy

Should we really stop doing yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Beginners Yoga

The beginners journey

For many, yoga starts as a form of physical exercise to keep the body toned, supple and strong. But these are really just the positive side affects of yoga. We then master the breath, calm the mind and access deep relaxation and in time the impact of yoga starts to ripple out beyond the mat into all aspects of our lives.


The motherhood journey

Self care for mothers and time to connect with others to share experiences in a friendly, warm and supportive environment

Gingi Lee

More than one type of warrior

Shala Co-Director Gingi Lee shares his evolution from a Sensei’s son in San Francisco to down dogs in Delhi, and the people who inspired him along the way.