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Future of Yoga

Yoga in 2021 and beyond…

How will the pandemic change the way students practice and the teacher’s prospects of working in the yoga industry? In this article Rina Modi, Teacher Training Manager explores what yoga may look like in the future based upon trends we are seeing both nationally and globally.

Yin Home Practice

How to support your home restore (yin) classes

a practical guide to improvised yoga props so you can make the most of your online restore/yin yoga classes from home.

Learning to Teach Yoga

Reflections on becoming a yoga teacher

As part of their coursework, we asked our teacher trainees to write about what kind of yoga teacher they aspired to be. Here Lesley Collinson muses on her desire to create an inclusive space in her classes and to share something deeper – “the mysteries and joys of life; creating breathing space; space for each person to explore, connect and grow holistically. “

The Shala Yoga Centre

21 years & counting…

21 years, 252 months, 13,104 weeks, 91,728 days of yoga for the yogis of South London. So many moments, so many connections, so many vinyasas, so many ujjayi breaths!!!

The Sangam Yoga Centre

21 years – thank you

Founder Gingi, reflects on twenty-one years of running a yoga centre in South London and how yoga brings a sense of community, belonging and support

Nadia Gilani

Practice while you can

Practice while you can, you’ll need it when you can’t.

Low Pressure Fitness

What is low pressure fitness?

Simone Muller explains to us how Low Pressure Fitness works and its benefits for post-natal rehabilitation, as well as sharing her own experiences of using this highly effective core-training technique.


Derek ireland day of celebration

The Shala is dedicated to Derek Ireland. Gingi recounts some memories of an inspirational yogi.

The Virtual Shala

The virtual shala

Welcome to our Virtual Shala here to keep you sane and grounded and connected.

Black Lives Matter

Message to our community

Message to our community and a poem a poem of solidarity written by Gingi Lee #blacklivesmatter