Scholarship and Bursaries

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships and Bursaries

At the Shala, we welcome people of all ages, with all levels of experience and abilities. We build our team from people in the local community who themselves come from all walks of life. Yoga is about inclusivity and we aim to cultivate this within our training school and yoga centre.

As an independent yoga studio, the Shala focuses on creating positive change and providing a sanctuary within for our community; a place of healing and nurturing for all who come through our door. In keeping with this, we are committed to fostering inclusivity, diversity and accessibility within yoga and within The Shala and it’s affiliated training school, The Shala School of Yoga.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and creating positive change, the Shala offers a 50% bursary on each of our training and CPD courses for those from marginalised groups, vulnerable groups and/or those from currently underrepresented ethnic groups within the yoga/wellness industry. We ask that all applications for our scholarship / bursary scheme share our intention and aim to use their training as a force for positive social change. 


– If you meet the application criteria for a Teacher Training or CPD course

– If you are from a marginalised group, vulnerable group and/or  from a currently underrepresented ethnic group within the yoga/wellness industry

– If you are unable to attend the course due to financial circumstances


No less than 6 weeks before the course you are applying starts.

  1. Complete our our Shala Scholarship / Bursary Application Form. You will be asked to write a personal statement detailing your eligibility for this bursary and why you deserve to be the recipient. We encourage applicants to include information about your background (ethnic identity, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, etc.), your personal financial need, and how you intend to use your training to make a positive social impact.
  2. We will invite a select number of applicants to a short, informal interview via Zoom.
  3. Applications will then be shortlisted and the final place will be randomly selected from that shortlist.
  4. The successful candidate will be notified 3-6 weeks before the start date of each course.
In addition to this bursary, we do offer discounts for those in financial need on a case-by-case basis. To enquire, please email