Harriet Bone

Harriet teaches a grounding, physical Jivamukti practice, with hands-on assists, uplifting music and creative challenging sequences. She gives the opportunity to explore the practice within a safe, calm and soulful space.

Harriet Bone

Jivamukti Teacher

Harriet teaches a beautifully meditative flowing class in the Jivamukti style, having studied with inspiring teachers Sharon Gannon, David LifeYogeswari and Patrick Broome. She first came to yoga whilst training in dance, finding that asana brought her a sense of clarity and calm. Drawn further into the practice, it was yoga philosophy and meditation that both challenged and supported her, giving her great inspiration to continue on this path. Then when moving to London she discovered the Jivamukti method, taking her first class with Emma Henry. The integrated method grabbed her instantaneously and she went on to train with the Jivamukti school in 2013. Since then she has been teaching full time in a number of London’s most established studios.

Harriet teaches a grounding, soulful physical practice with creative challenging sequences, hands-on assists and uplifting music. Classes are structured to incorporate the five central tenets of Jivamukti yoga: scripture (shastra) devotion (bhakti), nonviolence (ahimsa), music (nāda) and meditation (dhyana). Through her teachings, Harriet provides a safe and warm environment, creating a sense of stability and calm, but also the invitation to explore.

Thanks go to all the teachers who have inspired and continue to enrich her practice and teaching.

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