Workplace Wellness

Whether we are talking about creativity, productivity, physical and mental health or HR objectives, organisations can be their best by taking a preventative, whole person, whole-organisation approach to health and wellbeing. The Shala offers workplace wellness packages that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your organisation. The packages provide yoga, mindfulness and breathwork (online and in person) to bring your workforce into a state of wellness and equilibrium.

The Changing Workplace

We spend approximately a third of our lives at work. Staff health and wellbeing are key components of the overall health of an organisation and now more than ever, it needs to be a key consideration in the sustainability of any business. 

Pre-pandemic, mental health was already high on the list as one of the biggest challenges HR management faced when it came to looking after staff. The Business in the Community Health at Work report found that 2 in 5 employees cited work as a contributing factor to poor mental health. Now, in the midst of the pandemic and no doubt in the wake of it, these concerns and issues are increasing exponentially.


The workplace is drastically changing and staff are being forced to adapt with little to no support. Social distancing, mask wearing and working from home during the pandemic has brought a seismic shift within teams and organisations. A sense of disconnect pervades. Frontline workers are having to work harder and faster, whilst living under the constant threat of Covid. Working parents are juggling childcare and the uncertainty of whether or not their child will be in school. Those without families are often starved of human contact. Everyone who is working from home faces periods of isolation and the challenges that come with sharing space with others. Research in the Lancet found that mental health by late April 2020 had already deteriorated compared to pre-Covid times, with particular deterioration in women and young people.

Workplace Wellness

How yoga can help your staff

Yoga is first and foremost a tried and tested holistic wellness tool, not just a physical practice. It is an ancient discipline, which incorporates mindfulness/meditation and breathwork practices, designed to bring balance and harmony to physical, mental and emotional aspects of our lives. The evidence and research is irrefutable (see further links below) that yoga, mindfulness/meditation can have profound and long lasting benefits, including

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving mental clarity and concentration 
  • alleviating depression
  • increasing energy levels 
  • improving posture
  • boosting the immune system 
  • building strength and stamina 
  • balancing emotions 
  • strengthening the respiratory system 
  • encouraging relaxation and calm
  • increasing all round health 
  • enhancing flexibility and balance 

If ever there was a time to invest in supporting your employees it is NOW. Research suggests that for every £1 invested in your workforce, there is a fivefold return.

Corporate Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

What We Offer

  • Yoga classes; (varying styles and levels) In Studio and On Demand
  • Breathwork
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Pregnancy yoga & courses
  • Yamuna bodyrolling
  • Aerial yoga
  • Theme-based workshops 
  • Full & half day retreat 
  • Team building events

You can choose to include these in your package as catch up on demand offerings. Or we can create in person wellness retreat days and events where we weave these practices into an inspiring, experiential day to promote health and well being, as well as team building and restoring connectivity.

Wellness Packages

Option 1
  • Bespoke IN STUDIO classes designed and created specifically for the needs of your organisation/team 
  • + access to class catch up on demand
Option 2

We can create bespoke wellness packages carefully tailored to the needs and goals of your organisation. This can include:

  • in person wellbeing days at our beautiful London studio
  • in person or online workshops 
  • online class library on demand

In person events and online classes run exclusively for your organisation, can help build trust, morale and connectivity as well as impact the mental and physical health of your workforce.

Want to know more?

Email our studio manager Daniela if you would like more information on our services or to discuss your requirements. 


Or if you are already accessing our classes and would like your workplace to offer this as a benefit, then please email us and we can give you an information pack to pass on.


Research & Resources

Mental health and employers: refreshing the case for investment, a report published by Deloitte to help us understand more about mental health and wellbeing in today’s labour market, makes a positive case for employers investing in mental health, with an average return of £5 for every £1 spent.

A study by Woodyard in the International Journal of Yoga 2011 found that yoga practices helped to reduce stress, anxiety and depression in participants and enhanced overall well-being and quality of life.

The Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in the USA have also gone further to explain that research shows Yoga to improve the function of the Vagus Nerve, a key nerve to help us in stressful situations and in protecting us through resilience. This is also linked to perceived sense of connection – with those with improved Vagus Nerve function feeling a higher sense of connection compared to those who don’t.

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