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Daniela Vanasco

Manager, yogini, coach, Reiki Master and actor working in and behind the scenes to support the Shala and to help create a nurturing, inspiring, safe sanctuary of learning and growing for its community.

Daniela Vanasco

Daniela Vanasco, Studio Manager, Wellbeing | Life | Leadership Coach, Actor, Reiki Master

What inspires Daniela is seeing the beauty and potential emerge in those she works with in whatever capacity that is.

Originally from America, Daniela has been managing wellness spaces for over a decade. In addition to her work within the yoga industry, Daniela is an EMCC Global accredited Life & Leadership Coach, actor, voice over actor, certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Mental Health First Aider and holds a BA in Biology.

In her leadership roles, she has been responsible for coaching and mentoring new managers and leaders. She developed and delivered several seminars over the years, including how to manage mental health in the workplace, how to effectively communicate & resolve conflict and to guide  organisations in facilitating the return to work for employees after prolonged absence (including a seminar on how organisations return employees to work en masse following lockdown furlough).

Daniela is passionate about personal growth, transformation and conscious leadership. As a coach, Daniela strives to guide her coachees to to live mindfully, kindly, compassionately and gratefully; to connect with their full selves and allow that wholeness to be expressed authentically, freely and confidently.

Daniela continues to walk the path of personal growth, peeling back the layers and masks we all put on ourselves over time, rediscovering my own purity of heart, mind, and spirit. It’s a work in progress for us all!


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