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Mark kan and dharma yoga

Mark Kan brings his challenging Dharma Mittra yoga practices to South London

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We welcome Senior Dharma Mittra teacher, Mark Kan to our team. Mark brings his challenging yoga practices to Sunday mornings at the Shala in South London. Dharma Yoga, developed by New York’s eminent yogi Sri Dharma Mittra, challenges the individual on both physical and mental levels. Strong yet graceful, this physically absorbing yoga practice encourages the student to experience the practice as an active form of meditation, and on a deeper level, explore the spiritual aspects of yoga, which can support their daily lives. Mark’s unique and popular classes focus on a strong, physical yet grounding sequence, which includes balancing, stretching, twisting, back-bending and inversions as well as relaxation. The 9.30am Level 3 is a particularly advanced class, ideal for experienced practitioners looking for new challenges; the Level 2 11am class is for those wishing to ease their way in! Neither classes are suitable for beginners.

Mark strives to embody the qualities of yoga he has learned from his guru – humility, compassion, humour and selfless service, and is privileged to serve others through yoga. The teachings he shares are rooted in the classical hatha raja yoga tradition, which expounds all aspects of the science of yoga from the physical to the mental and spiritual. We are excited to have him on board.

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