Mental Health Empowerment | Breathwork , Mindfulness & Meditation  VIRTUAL

Strengthen your capacity to support yourself, as well as those you may teach or care for who have mental health challenges. This in-depth 8-week online course will take you on a journey of empowerment to optimize your mental health through breathwork , mindfulness & meditation.

Mental Health Empowerment | Breathwork , Mindfulness & Meditation  | VIRTUAL | 30 hours

with David Behrens


Strengthen your capacity to support yourself, as well as those you may teach or care for who have mental health challenges. This course is a deep dive into ancient energy practices combined with a modern scientific understanding of the nervous system and trauma. You’ll experience the power of breathwork, mindfulness & meditation to harmonize your own nervous system, restore vitality, and foster a sense of safety and balance. In deepening the power of your own capacity for compassionate self-care, you’ll not only optimize your own mental health, but also find the inspiration and skills for easing the burdens of mental illness and trauma in those you care for, or those you work with in a professional capacity. These are lifetime skills, which will help you realize mental health potential in yourself and others.  

Course Overview

This in-depth 8-week livestream course will take you on a journey of empowerment to optimize your mental health and give you skills and tools to help others do the same. The course is suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their own mental health as well as for those working to support others in a professional capacity, such as yoga teachers, alternative therapists, teachers, and psychologists. 

When it comes to our physical health, it is common practice to seek to improve it, even when we have no known issues. But we tend to take our mental health for granted, and rarely consider it until we experience the anguish of anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. This course is for everyone wishing to give mental health the attention it deserves — to tap into and cultivate optimal mental health, whether mental health issues are present or not. In a nutshell, this course can benefit all. 

The course focuses on breathwork, mindfulness & meditation. Here is what the course will cover  in more depth:

  • Why incorporating mindfulness-based practices into therapy empowers healing and recovery  
  • How experiencing for yourself the dynamic transformational potential of yoga and mindfulness — the source of true self-care —expands your ability to give to others 
  • Why the journeys of spiritual development, personal development and recovery are all rooted in the same shared holistic principles and practices 
  • The power of the three core practices of mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork to transform lives 
  • How mindfulness meditation reshapes the brain, guides the mind, rebuilds brain functions, and expands the capacity for present moment awareness and deep focus
  • What actual clients on the recovery journey say about their experiences of healing through the power of mindfulness 
  • What we need to understand to use the tools of ancient and modern energy practices safely to harmonize the nervous system when working in a professional capacity 
  • The importance of understanding what keeps the nervous system from functioning harmoniously and what hinders our ability to access our full vitality 
  • Why understanding how different traditions and professions define mental health and mental illness helps you be clear in your own approach 
  • How Polyvagal Theory provides an elegant modern-day understanding of the nervous system’s influence on mental health and how to support people back to wholeness 
  • How the nervous system and the development of the brain are affected by trauma 
  • How to approach and modulate the dynamic power of the stress response at its extremes — the anxiety and worry states of hyperarousal, and the depressive states associated with hypo-arousal
  • Why understanding stress is key to preventing relapse in mental illness and addiction   
  • How to apply a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to rebuilding resilience in the face of mental health challenges and restoring the nervous system’s ability to self-regulate  
  • Why the breath holds the key to harmonizing the nervous system, connecting with the intelligence of the body, building a healthier relationship with the mind, and living in self-acceptance, love, and gratitude 
  • The “Breath behind the breath”: How working with the prana, the shakti, the vital force — the pure energy within which is the very essence of yoga and the spiritual path — is key to a cutting edge understanding of the therapeutic approach to improved mental health and healing from trauma   
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Course Content

This breathwork , mindfulness & meditation for mental health course is structured into eight sessions, each of which includes time for practice and reflection: 

  1. The four parts of the brain that underly good mental health
  2. Mindfulness and meditation rebuild and restore brain function
  3. Navigate the three levels of the nervous system
  4. Breathwork is the key to healing trauma to the body and nervous system
  5. The stress response,out of control: anxiety, worry, depression
  6. Dial down the stress response and become friends with your mind
  7. Resilience: a skill you can learn and strengthen
  8. Living an empowered life: it’s all about the daily practices

More about David Behrens

David Behrens is a breathwork , mindfulness & meditation teacher who collaborates with doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists throughout London and Gloucestershire. His specialty areas include addiction and mental health recovery, working with young people with learning disabilities, and working with families. He teaches mindfulness-based stress management to individuals and corporations, and as a MISP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) teacher, has trained social workers, teachers, and students. David’s work is inspired by and rooted in his nearly thirty years of practicing and teaching meditation while a monk at an international retreat site in India, where he also studied ayurvedic medicine and yoga philosophy. He is also an advanced practitioner of homeopathy.

David’s extensive multidisciplinary background has taught him the subtleties of tailoring the approach to the individual. He loves the synergy that happens when the ancient fundamentals of yoga (specifically breathwork , mindfulness and meditation) come together with the contemporary science of the nervous system. 

Read this recent Newsweek article in which David is interviewed on the topic of Sleep & Meditation.

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Course Dates

The course has the following modules scheduled:

  • Monday 17 October 2022 SESSION 1


  • Monday 24 October 2022 SESSION 2


  • Monday 31 October 2022 SESSION 3


  • Monday 7 November 2022 SESSION 4


  • Monday 14 November 2022 SESSION 5


  • Monday 21 November 2022 SESSION 6


  • Monday 28 November 2022 SESSION 7


  • Monday 5 December 2022 SESSION 8



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