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Yin Yoga & Meditation | in studio

A soulful class to coax you into a deep state of rest and contemplation; unwinding, rebalancing and nourishing body, mind and spirit.

Yin Yoga & Meditation

IN STUDIO in West Norwood / West Dulwich, South London

Our Yin Yoga and meditation sessions are slow moving and contemplative, giving space to connect with your inner world, feed your soul and restore yourself to well-being. Through a soulful combination of gentle long-held postures, you will be coaxed into a deep state of rest, unwinding, rebalancing and nourishing body, mind and spirit. Yin yoga takes us away from striving and achieving and teaches us the art of truly surrendering and letting go.  

We will explore how moving into stillness becomes an opportunity for meditation and reflection, to pause, digest, absorb and come together. Learning how to quieten the mind and explore it at a different level of consciousness will improve your ability to manage stress and anxiety, as well as provide freedom from unhealthy thought patterns.

If you are in search of harmony, peace, inner insights and improved overall well-being, these sessions lay the foundations. This is a safe and welcoming space to help the mind become steady and light. Expect to feel nourished and restored as you cultivate a sense of grounded expansion and peace and melt into a deep state of relaxation.

The classes teach you practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life so you can fully experience the often-profound benefits. The warmth of sharing the practices creates a space of community and togetherness. Everybody is welcome.

In the FREE recorded class here, you can enjoy an hour long practice with our wonderful yin teacher Emma Peel, who looks at the seven archetypal yin yoga postures.


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