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Flow Yoga & Bodyrolling | in studio

A fusion of yoga & bodyrolling, a unique and profound form of yoga and therapeutic work, which reorganises the mechanics of the body, elongating muscles, releasing the spine and improving alignment, mobility and flexibility.



Flow Yoga & Yamuna Bodyrolling (YBR)

IN STUDIO in West Norwood / West Dulwich, South London

This class offers a rare opportunity to explore a flowing yoga practice combined with the unique practice of Yamuna Bodyrolling (YBR) which can best be described as yoga, Pilates and deep tissue massage fused into one practice. Bodyrolling is a complimentary health system invented by the extraordinary master teacher and healer Yamuna Zake. The system works perfectly alongside yoga and other physical activities, empowering us to maintain our own body structures, thus healing and preventing pain, illness and injury. It is a profound self-fixing tool that teaches us to reorganise and improve our own anatomy, freeing restrictions in all parts of the body. 

Fundamentally, the system enables us to:

  • maintain our bodies, preventing injuries
  • keep the body moving freely and without restriction at every age
  • improve circulation and organ function
  • keep the nerve roots of the spine activated and metabolically strong
  • keep the bones healthy and young to maintain the general health and well-being of the body

Suitable for all levels and all ages. *Please note this class will usually break for school holidays.

"Superb class. Deep work. I am grateful."
"This is truly the highlight of my week and a simply perfect and effective way to iron (roll) out the stresses of the week and start the weekend as a sane human. Gingi’s calm, warm and welcoming teaching style of course makes the experience. Outstanding."
Yamuna Bodyrolling

About Yamuna Bodyrolling

Invention of Yamuna Zake (right), Yamuna Bodyrolling is based on these fundamental principles:
  • wherever there is pain, contraction, tightness, inflammation, atrophy or nerve pain, this is in general caused by lack of space
  • the body has a natural logic and muscles release from origin to insertion – Bodyrolling re-educates each muscle to release into its optimal space
  • Bodyrolling involves stimulation of the bone. Gentle pressure to bone will initiate release of tendons, which will rapidly create positive structural changes
  • exerting traction on a muscle informs the muscle to release from origin to insertion point
  • Bodyrolling reorganises the structure of the body so that it can function optimally

The effects are instant and you will experience changes in your body after just one session. Similar but better than any deep massage, Bodyrolling is the ideal compliment to a yoga and Pilates practice, enabling you to deepen your practice, open up restricted areas, create space and develop an intuitive understanding of your own anatomy. 

The class will begin with an accessible flowing yoga sequence to warm up the body in preparation for working with a fusion of yoga and bodyrolling. For more information about the benefits of yoga, click here.

Benefits of Yamuna Bodyrolling

Bodyrolling help reorganise the body, bringing all the parts back to function the way they should. It helps to: 

  • tone and elongate muscles 
  • release the spine 
  • improve alignment 
  • expand the lungs and deepen the breath
  • develop core strength
  • relax the nervous system
  • increase blood flow and circulation
  • stimulate nerve roots and organs
  • increase metabolism
  • promote healing 
Yamuna Bodyrolling


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