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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training IN STUDIO

Three days of nurturing, deep rest and inspiration, this yoga teacher training course will give you what you need to deepen your practice and expand your teaching horizons.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training | IN STUDIO

This 3-day IN STUDIO course comprehensively covers a broad variety of aspects of Yoga Nidra including the main techniques and schools of modern Nidra and the immensely useful chance to prepare and practice Nidra scripts. 

Jennie and Melanie are extremely knowledgeable, nurturing, caring teachers that are there to guide and support. Over 1600 students have attended this Yoga Nidra course (both online or in person) and the courses have cultivated a hugely beneficial supportive network and community for those that have studied through Jennie and Melanie. This is an interactive course where you are encouraged to ask questions and get support before, during and after the course, with a chance to practice teaching with expert constructive and supportive feedback. The course has evolved to teach in this way to empower students to feel confident to go out into the world and share this wonderful practice having gained support in application whilst learning theory. Students will also leave the course having explored how to ensure that their own authentic voice is part of the offering, cultivating more sustainability, invigoration and creativity if you want to teach Yoga Nidra to students and/or friends and family. 


The course is widely diverse in its teaching, incorporating experiential elements, theory and practical skills.The course can be attended as a stand-alone course or as an optional module on our 300-hour programme.  


Yoga Nidra Course Overview

Yoga Nidra is considered by some to be the meditative heart of yoga, where deep transformation is possible when we enter the enchanting space between waking and dreaming. This training course will cover the definition of Yoga Nidra along with the history, philosophy, science, modern schools, how to write scripts, and everything you need to get started teaching. Our approach is non-dogmatic and it’s important to us to have a student centred approach, so you’ll get lots of feedback and ongoing support even after the course has finished. The emphasis is on empowering you to find YOUR authentic way of teaching Yoga Nidra and to obtain knowledge to see what is needed for different students; there isn’t one size fits for this practice (or any style really!).

This 3-day immersion into Yoga Nidra is an opportunity to learn to teach this beautiful practice with two expert and inspiring international teachers with many years of experience –  Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten Sharma. 

By the end of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of Nidra as a practice and will have had an opportunity to reconnect with their own practice and recharge. Qualified yoga teachers will be equipped to begin teaching this deeply rejuvenating and meditative practice.

Yoga Nidra Course Content

The course will cover:

  • the main techniques and modern schools of Yoga Nidra and what they offer
  • comparisons and exploration of different methods to see which works best for you
  • the History and Philosophy behind Yoga Nidra
  • ready made scripts in different methods
  • a treasure trove of ideas and scripts for teaching your own Yoga Nidra – as well as incorporating it in your own practice
  • a detailed look at each stage of the practice; the intention behind it and how it affects the body and mind
  • how to adapt your teaching for different students – modifications and contra-indications
  • Brainwaves, Hypnagogia, basic anatomy of the brain, states of consciousness
You will be given a printed course manual if attending in person that will aid in learning but also the retention of information for you to refer back to after the course.

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Yoga Nidra Teacher-Training

Teacher Biographies

Melanie and Jennie have worked together for 10 years (yoga teacher trainings and retreats in India and Europe) and they have 40 years of experience of teaching yoga classes and trainings between them. They have extensive experience and what they keep coming back to is how important it is to be authentic, to find “your voice” as a teacher and to have the courage to be YOURSELF when you are teaching. 

Melanie Cooper E-RYT 500 – Lead Teacher 

Melanie has been teaching yoga since 1997 and teaching Yoga Nidra since 2004. Her love of yoga comes through strongly in her teaching. She is passionate about the ability of Yoga Nidra to heal and transform peoples’ lives. Her focus is making it right for everyone individually.

Melanie divides her time between the UK and Goa, practicing and teaching yoga and sometimes you can see her Bollywood dancing on the beach. She runs teacher trainings and retreats in UK, Sweden, Crete and India and is the author of Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana. View Melanie’s website

Jennie Wadsten Sharma E-RYT 500 – Teacher

Jennie fell in love with yoga in 1997 and has been teaching full time since 2005.

Yoga Nidra came into her life in 2007 and became her main practice some years later due to illness. Yoga Nidra was an important part of her healing path back to wellness and continues to be a source of rejuvenation and balance.

Over the years she has practiced many styles of Yoga Nidra and she strongly believes that there are many truths in yoga; what is “right” is individual. Her intention with her teaching is to guide the students into learning how to communicate with their authentic self. She encourages curiosity and to cultivate awareness and gratitude; to make it easier to access these qualities into our everyday life, off the mat.

She lives in Goa, India and Stockholm, Sweden. View Jennie’s website.

Course Dates

The course has the following modules scheduled:

  • Friday 22 November 2024 IN STUDIO


  • Saturday 23 November 2024 IN STUDIO


  • Sunday 24 November 2024 IN STUDIO



Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.

Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.