Frequently Asked Questions
300 hour Teacher Training Programme

How do 300-hr students get the 10% Teacher Training Discount?

300-hour students get a 10% discount after they have booked Enhanced Skills | 300 hr Core Module + 2 Shala trainings priced at £395 or above. Book further courses as usual and then email us and the discount will be applied manually to the balance. 

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can get the discount on?

Once you have been accepted on to the 300-hour programme, you can apply the discount until you have gained your 300-hours. 

Do Shala on demand courses count towards my 300 hours?

Yes Yoga Alliance currently allow on-demand courses to count towards your 300 hours. 

How long do I have access to on-demand courses?

Access to content is detailed in each course description. You will generally have access to On Demand courses for 3 months 

Can the Shala offer extended payment plans?

Yes, we can set payment plans up in a way that can work for you. If you need to have an extended payment plan, please email us stating your needs and we will do what we can to accommodate this.

How does it work if I join online – specifically is there an opportunity for online participants to ask questions? And how does teaching practice work?

We have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We include time after every talk for questions, discuss and interact online. People can write questions in the chat – they can also raise a hand and unmute and ask. For teaching practice where relevant, you will be paired with one or two other participants in breakout rooms.

For a hybrid course, will I have access to the catch-up recordings of the sessions if I attend in the studio?

Yes these will be made available to all participants for a period of 2 weeks. 

Does completion of a module mean I am qualified to teach the specific type of yoga studied?

In most cases if you have a 200-hour yoga teaching qualification yes. Each module will provide guidance on teaching and we also encourage you to reflect on how and when you apply the learning you have gained. 

If I miss a part of the training due to unforeseen circumstances, will I still be able to get the certification?

For your own learning and growth, we strongly encourage you to attend all parts of the training live. When for reasons outside your control this has not been possible we will discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes catch-up recordings are made available or if required 1-1 sessions can be arranged at an additional fee. 

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Please note that Yoga Alliance regulations and requirements do change so this document is not gospel and you should always check specifics directly with them. Useful information about credentialing can be found here

I did a module with the Shala last year, and then decided to join the Shala's 300-hour teacher training programme, can those course hours count towards my 300 hours?

Yes those hours can count towards your 300 hours with the Shala as long as you have not already registered them with the Yoga Alliance as CPD hours

Should I register my modules with the Yoga Alliance after I have finished each module?

300-hour students should NOT register each module with YA. Registration happens once you have completed all your modules and you get your final RYS 300-certificate. NOTE: If you register individual modules as YACEP (CPD hours), you will not then be able to use those hours towards your 300-hour certification. 

I understand that The Shala is affiliated with Yoga Alliance (USA) which is a different entity to Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), what is the difference?

Both are governing bodies that set standards within the industry. We have chosen to affiliate with the first Yoga Alliance (USA) as it is far more widely recognised internationally. 

When I have completed my 300-hour training, can I register as a RYT-500 teacher with Yoga Alliance (USA) – my 200-hour certification is registered with Yoga Alliance (USA)

Yes you can. You need to log into Yoga Alliance and upload details of your 300hour qualification. You will then be able to register as RYT-500 once you have had 100 hours of teaching after your course is completed.

When I have completed my 300-hour training, can I register as a RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance (USA) – my 200-hour certification is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK)

You will be considered by studios to be a 500-hour qualified teacher but if your 200 hour and 300 hour are with two different governing bodies you are not able to combine your 200 + 300 to register as a 500-hour teacher with Yoga Alliance (USA). 

If my insurance is with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) do I have to get another insurance with Yoga Alliance (USA)?

No you only need one insurance policy and this can be with any insurers – it does not need to be with either of the Yoga Alliances. You may wish to look at other providers such as Towergate and Balens.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance UK, and since I’m doing my 300-hour training with the Shala, do I have to register with Yoga Alliance (USA)?

You do not HAVE to register with either governing body, it is a matter of personal choice. We do recommend that you log your training with the Yoga Alliance (USA) even if you do not keep up as a member paying annual fees.

I technically have not registered my 200-hour teacher Training and I am currently doing 300 hours with The Shala, is there any procedure I would have to do to be registered 500 hr RYT?

Our understanding is that you can register your trainings at any point. You would just need to go and register your 200 and your 300 hours with Yoga Alliance in order to get 500-hour status. As mentioned above there is also a requirement of a number of hours teaching post qualification before you get RYT-500 hour status. Also you will need to keep up to date with any requirements for CPD hours. These requirements do change so please always check what they are directly with Yoga Alliance.