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Yamas & Niyamas

Exploring the yamas & niyamas

Exploring the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical and moral guidelines of yoga, which lay out a path for living yoga on and off the mat. Coursework written by teacher training graduate Lesley Collinson

The Shala Yoga Centre

21 years & counting…

21 years, 252 months, 13,104 weeks, 91,728 days of yoga for the yogis of South London. So many moments, so many connections, so many vinyasas, so many ujjayi breaths!!!


Our most spiritual edition of breath for life

Breath for Meditation, Elevation & Enlightenment – and HAPPINESS

Dharma Yoga Masterclass

Free classes on may bank holiday

Range of free classes over the bank holiday (Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd May) which will be filmed for our website


Breath for life workshops

A pioneering series of workshops exploring the most important discoveries of breath research and how to harness the healing power of the breath.

Breathwork for Sleep

Breath for life series

Learn about the profound healing power of breath in a ground-breaking series of workshops that explores the most important discoveries in breath research and teaches simple effective life-changing techniques.