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Yin Home Practice

How to support your home restore (yin) classes

a practical guide to improvised yoga props so you can make the most of your online restore/yin yoga classes from home.

Norman Blair Yin & Yoga

Brightening our inner skies

Norman Blair’s just launched book on yin and yoga.

Norman Blair Blog

Being flexible about flexibility

Norman Blair’s thoughts on the subject of hypermobility, the issues of flexibility in yoga, being able to sustain a yoga practice and specifically practicing Yin yoga

Norman Blair Yoga

The body – by norman blair

Breathing, feeling, releasing, softening – this can be a way for us to better be, this can be a way for us to be waking up and more fully connecting to all that is.

Yoga Mentoring

Guiding, mentoring & supervision for yoga teachers

Guiding, mentoring, supervising – supporting each other for yoga teachers with Norman Blair

Yin Yoga Workshop

Slowing down with yin yoga

Yin Yoga Workshop with Norman Blair start this weekend Sat 2 May at the Shala in South London

Yin Yoga Practice

Yin becoming in

Beneath our busy ways of living there can be oceans of exhaustion. Yin yoga helps to readjust this unbalanced way of being.