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The Shala Teacher Training Review

The Shala’s Advanced Teacher Training has been a deeply-reflective and enjoyable part of my yoga journey. It’s such a shame it has come to an end. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Gingi Lee & Derek Ireland

Yoga adjusts & assists

Understanding the art of yoga adjustments and assists in the ashtanga first series is a whole new frontier.

In Person Yoga Classes

10 reasons to come back to in studio classes

Ten reasons why we should come back to the studio for in person yoga classes.

Men & Yoga

Men do yoga

Michael Clarke shares his experiences of being a man in a female dominated yoga environment. He talks about how yoga is a practice that promotes both commitment and maturity and the sense of adventure and lightness of a child. Plus, you get toned 😉

Coaching + Reiki | Discovering more of who you are

Inviting others to discover themselves and their potential…

Yoga & Mental Health

How yoga saved my life

Marking ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ with a blog post by one of our Karma Yogis and regular Shala students – Zaynah Shehraz – discussing her experiences with mental health and the benefits she has experienced from practicing yoga.

Future of Yoga

Yoga in 2021 and beyond…

How will the pandemic change the way students practice and the teacher’s prospects of working in the yoga industry? In this article Rina Modi, Teacher Training Manager explores what yoga may look like in the future based upon trends we are seeing both nationally and globally.

Yin Home Practice

How to support your home restore (yin) classes

a practical guide to improvised yoga props so you can make the most of your online restore/yin yoga classes from home.


yoga for london refugees

In working with Ourmala, we will facilitate yoga for refugees and asylum seekers who would not ordinarily have access to it and who will reap the benefits in a profound and life-changing way.

Yoga & the NHS

Integrating yoga into the nhs

Debate at the House of Commons on UN International Yoga Day, pushing forward local government to fully integrate yoga with the NHS
12th July 2016

Qigong & Yoga

Yoga & qigong winter workshop

Cultivating deep rest, relaxation and quietude | workshop 30 January

Pilates Workshop

Upcoming workshops for january 2016

View our exciting selection of upcoming workshops, which will set you up of a positive 2016.


Yoga in support of the child refugee crisis

Join us for a day of giving back as a yoga community on 28th December with a Yin Yoga workshop and an ashtanga yoga class to raise funds for the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Zen Meditation

Introduction to zen meditation with brad warner

Certainly not your typical Zen Buddhist monk, Brad Warner is widely regarded as one of the most exciting new voices in Buddhism, bringing an informal, witty and down-to-earth approach to meditation and life in general

Yoga for Teens

Teen cobras

We help each other to stretch… we connect and have fun.

Shala Flyers

New flyer designs

Designs for our workshop flyers – Yin Yoga | Relaxation & Meditation | Yoga & Qigong | Transition to Mysore | Yoga Beginnings | Birth Preparation | Post-Natal Pilates | Wellness Programme

Qigong Mimi

qigong at the apple mac store

Mimi Kuo-Deemer brings her transformative qigong practices to the Shala – and the Apple Mac Store!

Dharma Yoga

Mark kan and dharma yoga

Mark Kan brings his challenging Dharma Mittra yoga practices to South London

Beginners Yoga

Yoga beginnings – start your journey

Start on your yoga path and experience profound changes in your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

QiGong & Yoga

Springtime practices

Springtime – an expansive, strong yang time of year, where we can begin to experience a significant, energetic shift.

Baby in Utero

Yoga in utero

“This yoga move has gone down in history at Kings Hospital as a way to turn the baby””

Mimi Kuo Deemer

Yoga & qigong spring workshop with mimi

Seasonal yoga & qigong practices for energy, balance and well-being with the inspiring Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Teens Yoga

Boats floating on the river

Boats floating on the river


2014 in memory of derek

Derek Ireland, footballer, punk rocker and yoga teacher extraordinaire

Yoga studio in West Norwood

2013 all systems go

“All is coming.” Building work begins in earnest on West Norwood’s “über new yoga centre”

Yoga Centre West Norwood

2013 derelict dreams

The relentless and overwhelming task of refurbishment on the planned yoga centre in West Norwood begins.

Yoga & Surfing Retreat

Yogis hanging ten

Yoga and catching a few waves

Yoga in Streatham

Care to dance

Yoga in a grand old house

Yoga Classes in Streatham

2008 the search continues

On our eternal quest for the perfect yoga space.

Yoga Classes in Balham

2008 institutionalised

Not a lot of prana in the local library…

Yoga Studio in Balham

2007 the short but sweet balham era

Ashtanga yoga practices in the Balham Shala

The Shala in Balham

A tight squeeze

Not a great deal of room, but full of energy and some great yoga!

The Shala, Balham

2006 a new shala era

We make a Balham mews house our new place of practice

Ashtanga Yogis in Mysore

2000 the london crew

Outside the Shala, with Shayna, Cathy Louise, Pattabhi Jois, Gingi, Jennifer, Sabel etc.

Pattabhi Jois

1999 pattabhi jois and the new millenium

Memories of Sri Pattabhi Jois in the old shala at the Mysore Institute

Sangam Yoga Centre Battersea

1997 sangam yoga centre opens

The Sangam opens its doors in 1997 as one of the first yoga studios in London.

Yoga Retreat Crete

1994 yoga oasis in crete

It all begins at the Practice Place in Greece with Derek Ireland

GIngi Lee in Mysore

1993 mysore no money

Visiting the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore.

Swami Shayam

1991 beckoned by a swami

Discovering the path of yoga with Swami Shyam Yogi in Pushkar