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Is Chair Yoga just a Gimmick?

The importance of making yoga inclusive cannot be overstated. Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. By breaking down barriers to entry, Chair Yoga ensures that more people can experience the benefits of yoga. 

Benefits of 300 hrs Level 2 training

5 Benefits of expanding your Level 1 Teacher Training

Our 300-hour training is for teachers who have already completed their level 1 (200hour) training and offers a plethora of benefits as a working yoga teacher.

Yoga Philosophy Benefits

Yoga Philosophy – Know Your Own What, How and Why

What exactly is yoga and what is it for? There are many different answers in ancient texts, and few of them apply to modern life without being reframed 


Yoga philosophy at the shala

“Yoga is the science of experimentation on oneself, the cultivation of our own spirit of understanding, a way to free ourselves of dogma and habits…” Matthew Clark

Learning to Teach Yoga

Reflections on becoming a yoga teacher

As part of their coursework, we asked our teacher trainees to write about what kind of yoga teacher they aspired to be. Here Lesley Collinson muses on her desire to create an inclusive space in her classes and to share something deeper – “the mysteries and joys of life; creating breathing space; space for each person to explore, connect and grow holistically. “

Norman Blair Yin & Yoga

Brightening our inner skies

Norman Blair’s just launched book on yin and yoga.

Zen Meditation

Introduction to zen meditation with brad warner

Certainly not your typical Zen Buddhist monk, Brad Warner is widely regarded as one of the most exciting new voices in Buddhism, bringing an informal, witty and down-to-earth approach to meditation and life in general