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Yoga for the family

Yoga for the family

Family yoga is the perfect activity for the whole family, creating bonds through partner poses, acrobatics, stories, mindful games and play. Share quality time together and relax!

Family Yoga Class

magic moments

Launch of our new family yoga workshops for parent and kids aged 4 and up.

Family Yoga

Family yoga

New family yoga classes providing a unique opportunity for parents to share yoga with their kids.

Yoga for Teens

Teen cobras

We help each other to stretch… we connect and have fun.

Yoga for Kids

Balancing act

Holding each other to balance… or to fall?

Childrens Yoga

Shala wildlife

Mice and turtles in our homes.

Kids Yoga

Beautiful swans

Beautiful little swans

La Gomera Family Yoga Retreat

2010 la gomera family yoga retreat

Parent and kids holiday secluded Canary Islands