Acupuncture is an ancient healthcare system that opens the door to health by restoring the flow of Qi in the body


with Fiona Duff

In peaceful calm, void and emptiness, the authentic qi flows easily.
- Neijing Suwen Chapter 1

The basis of Chinese medical philosophy stems from the concept that the Qi (energy) of the cosmos and the Qi of the person are one. Qi connects us to the cosmos and if we follow it’s rhythms and cycles, Qi will flow and there will be health. Our modern life is so full of stresses and demands that it is sometimes difficult to follow these natural cycles. Overwork, poor diet, emotions, overthinking, shallow breathing, habitual coping strategies, all take their toll and weaken the body. Our Qi stagnates and our body and mind suffer. We are more prone to external pathogens, injuries and inherited constitutions. Acupuncture and shiatsu are two therapies that can open the door to health by restoring the flow of Qi.

Acupuncture is an ancient healthcare system which has been in existence for around two thousand years. In an Acupuncture treatment, fine, disposable needles are used to affect the flow of Qi in the body and initiate a healing response. Acupuncture is a safe treatment and can be used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms. The scientific evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture is growing and you can read some of the current research here. NICE (Institute for Health and Care Excellence), recommends acupuncture for back pain, migraines and headaches. The respected Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) recommends acupuncture for chronic pain.

Many people have acupuncture to relieve specific aches and pains, such as osteoarthritis of the knee, TMJ, headaches and low back pain, or for common health problems like an overactive bladder. Some pregnant women have acupuncture throughout their pregnancy. Others choose acupuncture when their bodily functions are out of balance, but they have no obvious diagnosis and many have regular treatments because they find it so beneficial and relaxing.

Treatments are designed to address the underlying cause of disharmony and not just the symptoms of a condition. This means that the points selected and treatment plan will be different for each person, even if they are suffering from the same condition. This also has the beneficial effect of resolving seemingly unrelated symptoms of a condition. Nutrition and lifestyle advice are given to support acupuncture treatment. Other modalities such as shiatsu, cupping, moxa and electro-acupuncture may also be used.

  • Therapist Fiona Duff

    Fiona, BSc. (Hons.) MBAcC trained at Westminster University, London and pursued further training in tuina and acupuncture at Huaihua Medical College, China. See more.




  • Acupuncture single appointment £65
  • Discounted courses of acupuncture are available.
  • For pregnancy and fertility treatment please contact Fiona to discuss a treatment plan.

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