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10 reasons to come back to in studio classes

Ten reasons why we should come back to the studio for in person yoga classes.

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After this period of isolation and solo yoga practices, here are 10 Reasons to come back to the studio for in person yoga classes:

🧘 Dedicated yoga space – Get away from the 4 walls of our homes

☕️ Social – Tea and chats in the lounge area

👋 Physical Contact – Hands on teacher assists and adjustments

🤩 Positive Vibes – Energetics of a group practice

😌 Calm – Peace and quiet of the Shala studio

👯 Community – Seeing and interacting with people in 3 dimension

🙅 Switching off – Detoxing from technology

💆‍♀️ No distractions – escaping the busyness of daily domestic life

🥰 Connection – Seeing your teachers and fellow yogis

🤸🏻‍♀️ Motivation – Being inspired by others around you

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the house and back in to our studio for in person yoga classes and being part of our yoga community again. View our schedule here

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