Yoga Nidra

The space between waking and dreaming - this is the enchanting place that is Yoga Nidra. By turning our attention inwards we are taken to a place of healing and peace, where deep transformation is possible. A beautiful, effortless, deeply relaxing practice.

Yoga Nidra  

with Pennie Ludlow in South London

* Ben Wolff will be leading the workshops from March-May, these sessions will focus more on breath work and will not include singing bowls*.

Yoga Nidra is considered by many who practice it to be the meditative heart of Yoga. On the surface it is a beautiful, effortless, deeply relaxing practice. Through a process of "waking dreaming" however major change and deep transformation is possible, even in one session. These Yoga Nidra workshops teach you how to focus your attention and willpower, increase creativity, automatically solve problems, heal yourself and even, for a few, heal others.

Yoga Nidra is brilliant for those with sleep issues, health issues, emotional, physical or spiritual issues. It is truly an enlightening practice where you can come home to your higher self and really learn and discover empowering things about yourself.

Nothing special is required of you to practice Yoga Nidra. As "the sleep of the yogi", being comfortable as you lie down is all that is necessary. You are expertly guided through the powerful procedures that facilitate deep healing and facilitate knowing, changing and growth that is Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that dates back to the earliest written yogic texts. It has emerged to be the most precious jewel in the Yoga jewel box. Yoga Nidra is everybody's treasure.

Sound healing is part of the ancient practice of nada (sound) yoga and offers the opportunity to experience multiple ‘layers’ of sound being played from the pure tones of alchemy crystal singing bowls. These unique instruments resonate with specific areas of the endocrine and energetic systems (prana/ ‘chi’ flow) of the body and subtle body.

This ‘soundscape’ (tonal landscape) created by the singing bowls is both an aural and felt experience making it an ‘immersion’ in sound and serves to access a peaceful, regenerative and dream-like state by activating these senses plus slower brain wave states simultaneously. More details on the sound healing here.

The combination of these two techniques is nothing short of blissful, you will leave feeling powerfully regenerated, rested, clear and uplifted.


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Open to all ages and abilities. If you are pregnant, please advise the teacher at the start of the workshop. 

Anyone on our monthly membership receives a 20% discount on this workshop. This is deducted automatically at the check out.

  • Minor health issues and injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class. Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss.
  • If you are suffering/have suffered from a medical condition (including heart condition, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure) or a serious injury, it is essential you first consult your doctor before joining classes. Please then discuss this with us before booking so we can advise you on a personalised programme.

Workshops at the Shala are run independently and all payments for workshop services are accepted on behalf of the individual teacher. The teacher's terms are given below.

  • Purchases for workshops are non-refundable
  • Cancellations may be made online up to 24-hours before the start of the workshop in which case your Shala account will be credited and you will be able to rebook for the same workshop on a different date
  • Late cancellations and no shows will be charged as if you had attended
  • In the event that a workshop is cancelled you will be offered a refund or the option to be transferred to an alternative date