Introduction to Mindfulness

Practical, experiential and interactive, this introductory workshop in our upcoming mindfulness series will help you to combat stress and create more calm and clarity in your life.

Introduction to Mindfulness

In South London

Mindfulness is a mind-body based practice that involves paying attention to our present moment experience with acceptance, openness and compassion. Through mindfulness we begin to experience our thoughts and feelings in a different way, freeing us from unhelpful habitual patterns and cultivating a greater resourcefulness and resilience in our lives. Mindfulness has roots in ancient meditation traditions and an evidence base in modern science. Research shows that mindfulness can help us to regulate our emotions and thoughts, respond more effectively to stress, improve our productivity and attention and experience greater satisfaction and balance in our lives. If you are interested in gaining a greater understanding of yourself and are willing to actively engage in your health and well-being then this series of interrelated workshops is for you. 

This three-hour introductory workshop launches our mindfulness series, introducing the key components of mindfulness and how best to integrate it into your life so that you may experience the stress reducing and life enhancing benefits that it can bring. Suitable for beginners, as well as for practitioners who wish to revisit, develop and solidify their own practice, the workshop explores and consolidates the process and methods of Mindfulness. 

There are many reasons to explore mindfulness and this ongoing series of workshops is an opportunity to dive deep into its possibilities. 

  • Would you like to understand yourself and your mind better? 
  • Does it seem that you’re ‘running on automatic’ – a sense of just about getting by day to day? 
  • Are you noticing stress reactivity, low mood or anxiety? 
  • Would you like to improve your relationship with yourself and others? 
  • Do you offer yourself the support you need – the same kindness, care and patience you would give to a friend or loved one?

In the series we will study and integrate the fundamentals of well-established and scientifically proven Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). These key skills include the body scan, mindful breathing, mindful movement, and more. They encourage the student to develop tools for self-regulation, stress management, clarity and stability. We strongly recommend attending the entire series to fully integrate mindfulness into all aspects your life. The workshops will guide you in: 

  • developing greater awareness of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations and their impact on your experience 
  • discovering your own resourcefulness and learning new ways of responding to problems (physical, mental, social and emotional) 
  • discovering new ways of caring for yourself 
  • incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life
  • waking up to the depth of possibility for growth and change available to you 


'What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's today" squeaked Piglet. "My favourite day" said Pooh.' ~ AA Milne

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  • Teacher Aoife Espinosa

    Aoife teaches many styles of yoga including hatha, restorative, dynamic, pregnancy and postnatal but her true passion lies in teaching breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. See more.

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This workshop is open to all – no prior experience necessary.

Students on our monthly membership receive a 20% discount on this workshop.

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Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.