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Thai massage – the benefits

A Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork: it is a healing art that uses a combination of traditional massage, energy line work, pressure point work, and applied yoga stretches

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Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork: it is a healing art that uses a combination of traditional massage, energy line work, pressure point work, and applied yoga stretches. This gives a new, invigorating, and balancing experience that enhances the flow of energy through the body and leaves you fully relaxed and revitalized. 

This style of massage is particularly deep and intensive and the practitioner uses hands, forearms, elbows, knees, shins, feet and sometimes entire body weight to press and stretch the body. The massage starts at the feet and moves throughout the body and ending at the head – much like a traditional massage. What makes it stand apart, is that your body is not only massaged, but it is also compressed, pulled, rocked, stretched and loosened for maximum benefits. In a session, work takes place on the 10 energy lines to harmonise and energise the body. 

The History of Thai Massage 
The art of Thai Yoga Massage was developed over 2,500 years ago by the physician to the Theravedic Buddhist order of monks in northern India. When the monks and nuns migrated from India to Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Thailand, they brought this knowledge with them. What began as a method of facilitating deeper meditation practices has evolved into a healing tradition with a spiritual message of compassion, patience and awareness. 

Physical Benefits
The physical benefits of a  Thai massage go far beyond those of a traditional massage. The many benefits that you will see with a Thai massage are: 

  • blood circulation will be increased, which can in turn lower blood pressure 
  • a detoxification process will take place which will boost the immune system (which can prevent illness and even slow the ageing process)
  • flexibility will be improved, muscles will relax and mobility in general will increase 
  • breathing, posture, balance, and athletic performance will improve 
  • energy levels will be boosted 

Mind Benefits 
Since Thai massage involves such an intense exchange of energy, it commonly brings mental benefits as well as physical, among these:

  •  an improved outlook on life
  • improved concentration
  • more creative flow
  • clarity and calmness of mind
  • reduction in stress and anxiety

Benefits in Pregnancy 

The benefits and effects of Thai massage on a pregnant woman can be particularly profound and the benefits themselves will be felt both by mother and her unborn child. Massage in pregnancy is highly recommended to induce relaxation, and a skilled Thai massage practitioner will tailor the massage and give specific release to whatever tension the woman is feeling during different stages of her pregnancy. This will aid relaxation and enable the mother to give the fetus her full energy to ensure proper growth and development. The focus on breathing will assist with preparation for childbirth.  

If you’ve never had a Thai massage, then you are truly missing out. With all of the benefits – from physical to psychological – you will leave positive, energised and fully restored. With regular visits you can even transform your life for the better.

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