Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Foundations IN STUDIO

Learn the fundamentals of teaching aerial yoga including basic principles and safety as well as sequencing and restorative uses. This comprehensive 3-day training gives you the skills to confidently plan and theme classes and is structured to allow for continued development and support.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Foundations | IN STUDIO | 25 HOURS

with Richard Holryd

Aerial Yoga has grown in popularity over the last few years, providing a grounding and mood boosting practice that can also be deeply therapeutic and restorative. Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, led by Richard Holroyd builds upon traditional asana, mindfulness and body work and is inspired by the love of the effect that the Aerial Swing has on students…

This 3-day course Aerial Yoga teacher training will give you the tools and the inspiration to confidently teach Aerial Yoga. It can be attended as a stand-alone course or as an optional module on our 300-hour programme

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Course Overview

This three-day Aerial Yoga teacher training course course takes the form of three days in the studio. Learn the fundamentals of teaching aerial yoga including basic principles and safety as well as sequencing and restorative uses. The training gives teachers the skills to be able to teach Aerial yoga and gives you the skills and confidence to plan and theme classes.

The key benefits of Aerial yoga:

  • Alleviates muscle tension
  • Promotes joint mobility
  • Works on core strengthening
  • Helps to relieve anxiety and stress
  • Encourages connection, surrender and breaking boundaries

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Course Content

The course is accredited at 25 hours and covers the following material:  

  • Fundamentals of teaching Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial terminology, principles and safety 
  • The benefits of Aerial Yoga 
  • Using the swing for varying purposes, ie back-care, strength, flexibility 
  • Asana comparisons with the swing and without 
  • Aerial class planning and sequencing 
  • Adjustments and cueing 
  • Using the swing as a versatile and supportive prop
Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

About Richard Holroyd

Richard Holroyd has been teaching Aerial yoga since 2011. He originally got a yoga swing to practice inversions but found that it brought immense joy and presence to those using it and for years he had been trying to get his students to find joy and lightness and freedom in their yoga practice. Since then Richard been passionate about yoga swings and what they can do for his students.

In 2011, Richard founded “Aerial Yoga London” – the only dedicated Aerial studio at the time. After 6 years of teaching classes and workshops in London he moved to India for 9 months and in this time created a teacher training programme. He has now trained thousands of students through his classes and trainings and he considers it a great privilege to be able to teach a practice characterised by pleasure, lightness, spontaneity, presence and freedom of movement. Visit Richard’s website here

Richard Holryd Aerial Yoga

Course Dates

The course has the following modules scheduled:

  • June 10, 2022 IN STUDIO

    9am- 6 pm

  • June 11, 2022 IN STUDIO


  • June 12, 2022 IN STUDIO



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