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Our latest Newsletter - Sept 2022










We’ve been chatting a lot recently about how beautiful and precious this human experience is and how we care for ourselves as we move through it. 

Yoga grounds us, nourishes us, balances us, restores us. Community feeds our souls and brings us that connection we so greatly need and deserve. 


This autumn, Kath Roberts will help us to turn things upside-down with an Inversions workshop, Gingi Lee will be welcoming beginners to yoga, Emily Mulligan will bend and release our backs in the aerial swings and Emma Landolt will take us on an elemental mandala journey around our mats to work with the energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

This September, we will be running a weekend forest retreat with Gingi Lee and Liz Lark, where you can reset on the mat and in nature.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio this autumn!

The Shala Team


Latest Updates on Opening

Sept 2022

After much consideration over the summer, we have made the decision to focus our energies solely on IN STUDIO, in person, in real life (!) classes. This is where our hearts are and this is where we feel the true magic of yoga can take place. 


There are aspects of yoga which do not transcend into the virtual world and we are excited to free ourselves from tech once again and do what we do best which is teaching in person – in our beautiful studio where energies can exchange and community can blossom.


This means that our class schedule is going OFFLINE as of 2 September. Our trainings only will continue to be a mix of livestream, recorded and in studio.


We’ve been very grateful to have had a virtual platform to offer yoga to our community during the pandemic and know it has been a lifeline for many. We are sad to know that this shift means some of you will no longer be able to practice with us and this has been the reason we have continued as long as we have. We are excited, however, to refocus and to return to our roots as a community centre; a sanctuary for nurture, healing, sharing and connection.

How We Are Keeping the Shala Safe

Although most the original mandatory government Covid restrictions have been lifted, we are continuing to follow most of the original government guidelines. Here are the key things that we are doing:

  • When operating IN STUDIO, we have decreased capacity to about 55% of our pre-Covid capacity. Our Mysore studio will be capped at max 20 mats spaced at a minimum of 1 meter apart and our Hampi studio will be capped at 18 mats spaced at a minimum of 1 meter apart.
  • We have fewer classes and longer turnaround times between classes.
  • All our regular teachers have been double vaccinated 
  • The majority of our teachers would like to offer hands-on adjustments and assists and will request permission to do this at the start of a class.
  • Studios will be ventilated between classes and where possible windows will be left open for maximum air circulation.
  • Face coverings are currently recommended in the communal areas of the building.
  • Some studio props are now available for use (blocks and bricks) and if used it is the student’s responsibility to sanitise before and after use.
  • We encourage students to bring their own mats but we have some available for use – again it is the student’s responsibIlity to sanitise before AND after use.
  • Blankets and bolsters will be quarantined between classes.
  • The women’s changing room will be open.
  • The men’s changing room remains closed, though you may use the shower cubicles to change.
  • Touch points and handles will be sanitised daily and studios will be regularly cleaned.
  • For workshop attendance, we will encourage the use of lateral flow testing for students prior to attending
  • For teacher trainings, lateral flow testing for students will be required before Day 1 and Day 3 of coming 
Workplace Wellness


Have any queries about recent updates, contact our admin team at admin@theshala.co.uk