Reopening Updates

Update 1 April 2021

We are currently operating livestream online classes, workshops and trainings. Our physical studio is currently only open for:

  • teacher trainings
  • From 17 May, government guidelines have indicated that group classes will be allowed  again at which point we anticipate having a very gradual and phased reopening for the following:

  • workshops 
  • some in studio classes 
  • retreat days 
  • We will continue to livestream when the physical space opens back up.

    See below for more on our protocols.

    Phased Reopening

    We are so happy to have started welcoming back a few people for teacher trainings. Our top priority is that the Shala continues to be a safe sanctuary for all. Our teachers and staff have undergone specialised health and safety training to follow public health guidelines and to ensure a safe experience. We are committed to doing our best to remould the Shala for the new era so it can continue to offer the highest quality teaching to support physical and mental health within our nurtured community.

    We are moving towards a “hybrid” offering with small socially distanced groups in the studio and the option to live stream the same class at home. Each hybrid training, workshop or class will appear twice on our schedule with the option for an IN STUDIO or a VIRTUAL experience. Some trainings, workshops and classes will remain  VIRTUAL only.

    Making the Shala Safe

    Here are the key things that we are doing to make the Shala Covid-secure based on guidelines from the government and UK Fitness.

    • We have decreased capacity to 40% of our pre-Covid capacity. Each studio will be capped at 10 mats spaced at 2 meters apart.
    • We have fewer classes and longer turnaround times between classes.
    • Windows will be kept open during class for maximum air circulation.
    • We will be doing temperature checks on all students and staff.
    • Face coverings are mandatory in the communal areas, though not once on your mat in the studio.
    • Studio props will not be used, except for Bodyrolling and Aerial and these will be sanitised after each use and rotated to be used only once a week. 
    • Changing rooms and showers will be closed. 
    • Front Desk staff will sanitise all touch points and handles continuously throughout the day.
    • Studios will be rigorously cleaned and disinfected daily.

Reopening - the Studio Set Up

Virtual, In Studio, Hybrid or Blended?

Our schedule will continue to evolve over the coming months as we reopen the studio. Please note the following terminology.

  • VIRTUAL = livestreamed online; workshops and trainings often have a 7-day catch up period
  • IN STUDIO = in person in the physical studio
  • HYBRID = option to do livestream online or come in the studio
  • BLENDED =  a combination of the above - sometimes with a pre-recorded element

Teacher Training In STUDIO Protocols

  • If you are coming in to the studio for a teacher training, we request that you do a rapid lateral flow test before coming in to the studio on Day 1 and Day 3 of your visit. 
  • Please photograph your result as we may ask for proof that this has been done.
  • Teachers will also follow out testing.
  • If you have had both vaccinations, you are not required to do the rapid lateral flow test

Before Visiting

  • If you are feeling ill or have any possible symptoms of coronavirus please practice at home with our live streamed classes or virtual library rather than coming to the studio.  
  • In order for us to assist with Track and Trace, please make sure your contact details are up to date on our system, in case we need to contact you.  
  • All classes, workshops and trainings must be pre-booked. 
  • Please bring your own mat and any props you may wish to use, plus an extra layer as the rooms will be cooler than usual due to windows being open.
  • Come dressed ready for class with minimal belongings. As with all fitness centres our changing rooms and showers will be closed.  
  • If you can’t make it, please cancel on our website, sometimes you will be able to rebook for livestream online instead

When You Arrive

  • Please arrive 5-15 minutes before your class starts. Late arrivals will not be allowed in to the studio.
  • There will only be room for 3 people in reception at any one time, plus one members of staff. Please wait at the door/stairwell until there is space to come in at 2 meters apart - following the floor markings.
  • Please wash your hands with soap in the bathroom as soon as you enter the Shala
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times in all areas of the building except when on your mat in the studio.  
  • We will check your temperature when you arrive at the front desk. If you have a temperature you will be asked to go home and attend the livestream class or do one from our virtual library instead. If you don't have access to the library we can give you a one day pass to access it.
  • The lounge seated area, changing rooms and showers will be closed until further notice. 
  • Leave your shoes on the shoe racks by reception.
  • Coats and bags can be hung up in the changing room - please go in one by one.
  • Bring your own mat. Studio mats will not be available for use. In the event you forget your mat, there will be two at the front desk available for for rent .
  • Bring any valuables into the studio with you in a small bag  
  • As usual we are a cash free centre and all account queries should be emailed to rather than being discussed at the front desk  
  • Please observe the directions of travel, distance markings and signage on floors, doors and walls throughout the studio.
  • All studio props have been removed from use.
  • Aerial swings will be rotated so that they are used once a week only. Handles  should be sanitised by you, after each use
  • Yamuna balls will be used once a week only and you should sanitise these after use.
  • For hygiene reasons we cannot store members' mats at the centre for the moment so please collect your mat if it is still stored at the centre and take your mat home with you after every visit.

In the Studio

  • Pay attention to floor markings. 
  • Access to the Mysore studio will be through the Pushkar studio and out through the Mysore door to manage flow.  
  • Once you are on your mat it is best if you do not then leave the studio again. If you have to go to the toilet during class please be mindful of walking infront of the camera that is livestreaming.
  • We've marked out mat placements in each of our studios - 2 meters apart. Please place your mat at the first available spot furthest from the door you enter by. 
  • For the time being, teachers will remain on their mats and will not move around the room.  
  • Windows will be open during class to increase ventilation so you may wish to bring an extra layers of clothing.
  • Classes will be live streamed to allow people to still practice at home - only the teacher will be in visible in the livestream frame.

When You Leave

  • Please take your yoga mat home with you - we will not be offering members storage at the centre for the time being.
  • If there is a class after yours it is essential you leave promptly after class to avoid people leaving and arriving at the same time. 
  • We recommend cleaning your mat at the end of each class.
  • Please wash your hands again before you leave.
  • If you have any feedback or suggestions please pass them on to the Front Desk staff or to the admin team.