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Baby Massage & Yoga | Mummy & Me Club IN STUDIO

Join us every Wednesday for this intimate session for mums & babies to learn and experience baby massage and yoga.

Baby Massage & Yoga | Mummy & Me Club

IN STUDIO in West Norwood / West Dulwich, South London

Our Mummy & Me baby massage club is an intimate session for mums & babies to learn and experience baby massage and yoga.

This class emphasises on connection and presence. Alexa provides a relaxed and supportive space for dedicated parent and baby time, learning a valuable skill for life to support you and your baby.

In our Baby Massage sessions (week 1 of every month / the FIRST Wednesday), you’ll learn techniques to: 

  • relax the baby’s diaphragm for full and efficient breathing
  • bring flexibility to hips and shoulders
  • strengthen their back, arms and legs in preparation for sitting and standing. 

In our Mum & Baby Yoga sessions (weeks 2-4 every month), you’ll enjoy this special way to connect with your baby, to gently aid your own post-natal recovery and get to know other mothers. Rhymes and rhythmic movement are used to enhance your baby’s well-being and development, while post-natal postures for the mother will enhance muscle tone, offer support for the back and boost energy levels. At the end of the class, there is time for mums to swap tips and share experiences over tea.

All of this happens in an atmosphere of loving, joyful play. This class is a perfect continuation of your journey into parenthood from our Pregnancy Yoga classes. Evolve your practice and connection with your baby from preparing for birth through delivery through the early months of your baby’s life.

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • reduces crying

  • helps relieve colic

  • improves sleep

  • encourages mother-baby bonding through physical contact

  • sensory and muscle stimulation

  • relaxes both parent & child

What You Need to Know

  • Please bring a towel for the baby and all bits and bobs including your own massage oil.

  • We recommend organic virgin coconut oil. Avoid commercial baby oils as these are usually highly perfumed. As mineral oil they are cheap derivatives of crude petroleum. They tend to feel greasy and gritty and have no organic value.

  • As a suggestion maybe also bring a teddy bear or doll next to you in case baby falls asleep or is not interested in baby massage so you can still practice the sequence.

  • We strongly recommend you arrive carrying your baby in a sling. Unfortunately, there is no space to leave prams in the ground floor. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • We do ask that you take away any dirty nappies with you when you leave the studio after class

  • Partners are welcome for baby massage week (first week of every month). 

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga, which complements infant massage, offers quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. It induces a happy, care-free and lively parent-infant interaction which develops as the babies grow. The experience of movement combined with touch is probably the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth.

In yoga, this stimulation occurs through the mutual involvement of parent and baby, at a pace at which the baby can absorb and integrate it. As yoga postures induce deep relaxation in adults, so in babies they bring a state of deep contentment and promote deep sleep. This playful stimulation through yoga-based exercise is the best possible way of helping babies relish life, with all its demands, as they grow.

  • During the class you will learn sequences with your child, which will stimulate the body’s systems and encourage co-ordination and flexibility. There will be a mix of dynamic exercises, special holds and relaxation techniques. This is “pure baby yoga” which originated from Dr Francoise Freedman’s work with the Peruvian Amazonian people.

  • in one short session, the baby is given as much physical activity as they would receive if they were handled and carried all day – this activity enhances deep sleep and more “settled” behaviour

  • a daily routine of activity is established through which the parent can engage constructively with their baby from birth

  • all the baby’s bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems

  • the parent and baby get to know each other, enhancing communication and bonding between them and instilling confidence in the mother

  • birth traumas are healed and the baby becomes better equipped to deal with shocks

  • the baby’s enjoyment of the positive stress of yoga will increase the baby’s ability to cope with future challenges

  • through the high quality attention the baby receives from its parents, the baby learns to interact with others and play actively

  • the deep relaxation that is part of yoga helps parents cope with the stresses of early parenting.

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