Pre & Post Natal Massage

Nurturing, soothing and calming, massage can bring great benefits through all the changes that pregnancy brings.

Pre- & Post-Natal Massage

with Carly St John 
Pregnancy Massage

Pre-natal massage is a wonderful way to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional stress that each trimester of pregnancy can sometimes bring. The key benefits of pregnancy massage are to:

  • relax the body and mind
  • relieve muscular tension
  • promote well-being
  • improve sleep 
  • allow for a deeper connection with your baby. 

Whilst the prospect of motherhood can be exciting, it may be daunting too. A regular massage gives you a chance to discuss any worries which may arise, providing emotional as well as physical support. As you progress through your pregnancy you may experience physical changes, for instance swollen limbs, fatigue and lower back pain, all of which can be alleviated. Pregnancy massage also prepares your body for birth and is beneficial for baby too. The massage takes place in a side position with the bump fully supported. 

Sunny and Carly are both specially trained in pregnancy massage, with a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology and contraindications of pregnancy, thus ensuring safety and comfort. Both therapists are able to combine pregnancy massage and reflexology treatments in one session and Sunny can also provide acupuncture if specific issues require a deeper treatment. Treatments can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy and block booking discounts are available to accommodate this.

Half-Price Massage Offer

Women who purchase our Pregnancy or Post Natal Introductory Yoga Pass can receive 50% off their first pre or post-natal massage during their first month at the Shala.

Post-Natal Massage

Post partum, it is amazing what a little care and attention can do to get a woman back on her feet and firing on all cylinders. After the birth, post-natal massage can provide an invaluable opportunity for a mother to allow time for self-nurture. Specifically, it is beneficial for:

  • alleviating upper back pain due to breast feeding 
  • alleviating other tension, aches or pain in the body
  • improving overall sense of well-being
  • helping reduce stretch marks and improving cellulite by increasing circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage. 
  • promoting sleep
  • reducing stress and calming the mind

Ideally, all new mothers would have a massage as soon after birth as possible, to help the muscles release the muscle memory of labour, gently aid healing and help with spinal realignment. These are all important factors in helping your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Post-natal massage can be easily enjoyed with your baby tucked up feeding, sleeping or cuddling beside you, and can also be combined with reflexology.

  • Therapist Carly St-John

    A Mother’s touch defines Carly’s approach as a holistic therapist and healer, focusing on creating harmony and balance with a creative combination of Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Facial Treatments and Breathwork. See more.

    Therapist-Carly-Pilnick-St John

  • Single appointment: £65 (60 mins)
  • Single appointment: £90 (90 mins)
  • Women who purchase our Pregnancy or Post Natal Introductory Yoga Pass can receive 50% off their first pre or post-natal massage during their first month at the Shala
  • Refer a friend and you both get 25% off your massage (for existing customers who are referring someone new)
  • Book a 6 week block and get a discount
  • Gift vouchers are available

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