Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Three days of nurturing, deep rest and inspiration. This yoga teacher training course will give you what you need to deepen your practice and expand your teaching horizons.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in London

19–21 October 2020 | with Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten

This 3-day immersive course is an opportunity to learn to teach the beautiful practice of Yoga Nidra, with two inspiring international teachers. Yoga Nidra is consider by some to be the meditative heart of Yoga where deep transformation is possible when we enter the enchanting space between waking and dreaming. This training course in Yoga Nidra will cover the definition of Yoga Nidra along with the history, philosophy, science, modern schools, how to write scripts, ethics and personal practice. It will include: a detailed manual, online resources, scripts, and everything you need to get started teaching. Our approach is non-dogmatic and it’s important to us to see each person individually so you’ll get lots of individual feedback and ongoing support even after the course. Send in your application via the link at the bottom of the page. Please do not pay the deposit before receiving confirmation that you have been accepted on the course.

Yoga Nidra Training Melanie Cooper
The Teachers

Melanie and Jennie have worked together for almost 10 years (yoga teacher trainings and retreats in India and Europe) and have 20 + 13 years full time experience of teaching yoga and teacher trainings. They have extensive experience teaching yoga and yoga teacher trainings – and what they keep coming back to is how important it is to be authentic, to find “your voice” as a teacher and to have the courage to be YOURSELF when you are teaching.

Working as a yoga teacher is amazing – but it also takes a lot of energy – and can be very draining if you do not look after yourself. It’s very easy to not give ourselves that time/attention/self care – so in the training we will also place emphasis on how to create space for your own health and practice: to stay balanced and mentally strong.

Course Content

The course will cover:

  • A non-dogmatic approach: we will cover the main techniques and modern schools of Yoga Nidra and what they offer. You will also get a chance to compare and explore different Yoga Nidra methods to see which works best for you.  
  • Yoga Nidra scripts & online resources: you’ll get ready made scripts in different methods. Together we will also explore and develop a treasure trove of ideas and scripts for teaching your own Yoga Nidra – as well as incorporating it in your own practice.  
  • The structure: A detailed look at each stage of the practice; the intention behind it and how it affects the body and mind. 
  • Modifications & contra-indications: How to adapt your teaching for different students  
  • Basic science of Yoga Nidra. Brainwaves, Hypnagogia, basic anatomy of the brain, states of consciousness 
  • History and Philosophy 
  • Stress 
  • Your own practice
What You Will Receive
  • A Level 2 Yoga Alliance 30 hour diploma in Yoga Nidra.
  • Support from non dogmatic and experienced teachers with an emphasis on empowering you to find YOUR authentic way of teaching Yoga Nidra. 
  • Knowledge to understand what is needed for different students and an understanding that there isn’t one size fits all  
  • A tailormade teacher training focusing on what you would like to dive deeper into. Tell us what you are interested in and we will weave it into the training or make it part of your individual homework.
  • An opportunity to reconnect with your own practice, and to recharge. 
  • The chance to practice teaching with expert constructive and supportive feedback
  • Course material: Yoga Nidra teacher training manual (included in the price) 
  • Pre-homework: 10 – 20 hours depending on your previous experience of yoga teacher trainings. 
  • Note: that there are no written tests: you don’t have to “prove” anything: rather: we are interested in seeing that you have gained an understanding and knowledge, that you can apply to each individual student depending on his/her needs. You are not attending the course to perform: you are attending it to learn and to spark your interest in embarking or continuing on this fascinating journey as a yoga teacher!
Yoga Nidra London Training

Melanie-Cooper-Teacher Training
Melanie Cooper Biography

E-RYT 500

Melanie has been teaching yoga since 1997 and teaching Yoga Nidra since 2004. Her love of yoga comes through strongly in her teaching. She is passionate about the ability of Yoga Nidra to heal and transform peoples’ lives. Her focus is making it right for everyone individually.

Melanie divides her time between Bristol and Goa, practicing and teaching yoga and sometimes you can see her dancing on the beach. She runs teacher trainings and retreats in UK, Sweden, Crete and India and is the author of 'Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana'.

Melanie's website

Jennie Wadsten Biography

E-RYT 500

Jennie fell in love with yoga in 1997 and has been teaching full time since 2005.

Yoga Nidra came into her life in 2007 and became her main practice some years later due to illness. Yoga Nidra was an important part of her healing path back to wellness and continues to be a source of rejuvenation and balance.

Over the years she has practiced many styles of Yoga Nidra and she strongly believes that there are many truths in yoga; what is “right” is individual. Her intention with her teaching is to guide the students into learning how to communicate with their authentic self. She encourages curiosity and to cultivate awareness and gratitude; to make it easier to access these qualities into our everyday life, off the mat.

She lives in Goa, India and Stockholm, Sweden.

Jennie's website.
Jennie -Wadsten

  • We recommend that you have done a 200-hour teacher training (any style) although this is not essential. Let us know if you haven’t and we will assess other experiences and whether the course is suitable. It is possible to attend the course for your own self enquiry and there is no pressure to teach if you do not wish to.
  • The intention is to give you, as a teacher, more tools, to broaden your teaching skills as well as your students. You may, for example, have done a training in a dynamic yoga style and would like to add a slow style of yoga to your teaching repertoire.
  • We have a set structure in line with Yoga Alliance’s criteria, but in addition to that we have some flexibility to tailor the course to YOU – and as far as we know, this is quite unique: for participants to be influence course content.
  • £450 (8 spaces) early bird (applications by 31 July) 
  • £550 regular price
  • £150 deposit is required upon accepting a place (this is non refundable)

Please let us know if money is an issue and you need a part payment plan and we’ll see what we can do to help.

  • Complete this application form 
  • You will then be sent a link to pay your £150 (non refundable) deposit which confirms your place. Your place is not confirmed until the deposit has been received and may be given to someone else if you haven't paid it within 2 working days of being accepted on the course
  • The remaining payment should be paid by 1 October at the latest via bank transfer to:
    The Shala Ltd, Account Number: 68704869; Sort code: 08-92-50. It is very important you reference this with NIDRA TTC + YOUR SURNAME. Thank you
  • Deposit £150, non refundable but can be transferred to another person 
  • The remaining balance is refundable up to 1 month before the event.  
  • Cancellation 2 - 4 weeks before the event: 50 % of the balance in refund only
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the event: no refund.  
  • Exception: doctors's certificate. (However deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances).

The Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is run independently by Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten. The Shala Ltd act on their behalf as course administrators.

The course leaders and the Shala reserve the right to photograph or film during the programme and to use these images for our website and marketing purposes.

Upcoming Schedule

Monday, 19 Oct 2020 - Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

09:00 - 17:00

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

This event runs from 09:00 on Monday until 17:00 on Wednesday

Yoga Nidra 2020 Deposit £150.00