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For all the latest information on our reopening and our new "Hybrid" schedule of IN STUDIO and VIRTUAL live streamed classes, plus information on new protocols, unused class credits, how we are staying safe and much more please see our STUDIO UPDATES page.

Our Virtual Shala | Online Classes | What you Need to Know

How to book an online class
  • Book as usual through our schedule page any time before the class starts 
  • Download the latest version of ZOOM
  • Click on the meeting ZOOM link to join the class - you will receive this at least 30 minutes before the class
  • You will be taken in to the “Waiting Room” and will be let in to the class a couple of minutes before the start time
  • If you do not receive the email link, please check your spam for an email from Any issues you can also try emailing the Front Desk and the Admin Team.


Maximising your Experience
  • If you are attending our online VIRTUAL classes, it is essential you are opted in for emails so that we can send you class links as well as schedule changes and updates. PLEASE OPT IN for all emails. If you don't opt in, we reserve the right to manually opt you in to emails.

  • It is best to use a laptop but phones and iPads also work
  • Make sure that all notifications that make a sound on your devices are muted and phones are on “Airplane Mode” 
  • If you have issues with sound, use bluetooth headphones or a speaker connected to your device 
  • Familiarise yourself with ZOOM. It’s very easy to use and it helps if everyone in the class is set up correctly. Most importantly find your MUTE and UNMUTE button!
  • Spend some time making your home set up inviting. Create your own calm corner with a blanket, props, perhaps a candle or incense and your own playlist if you like music during your practice. If possible leave that set up for a daily practice.
Important to Know
  • If you are the only person experiencing loss of visuals or audio then the issue will at your end. We recommend leaving the meeting, quitting ZOOM and reentering
  • Make sure you have your audio switched on so you can hear the teacher 
  • It is encouraged that you opt to keep your video on so that your teacher can connect and everyone gets a sense of community (of course this is optional) 
  • Please mute yourself when you arrive in class and unmute whenever you wish to speak - this helps with noise disturbance 
  • You can also use the CHAT box to message the teacher or individuals in the class 
  • During class the teacher will put everyone on Mute  
  • If you are not seeing the teacher in your full screen, click on the three dots on the teacher screen and selecting ‘PIN VIDEO’ - this will ensure the teacher only is in full screen and you don’t get rotating visuals when someone else speaks 
  • At the end of the class there will be the opportunity to connect with the Virtual Shala community and say goodbye. Select the gallery grid option so you can see others in the class 
  • We are offering unlimited access to our online streaming classes as well as class packs. View our Online Pricing
  • If you lose connection to the class at any point, we recommend leaving and rejoining the meeting by following your link again. Internet can be intermittent at this time. If the teacher loses connection, they will usually regain access within a couple of minutes so continue practicing and they should reappear!
Thank you for your Patience & Support!

Please note that we appreciate your patience with any technical hitches that may occur. We are as you can imagine, relatively new to live streaming our classes so please be supportive of our teachers and small team who are doing their best to continue to offer classes in this new format. Please also bear in mind that the internet connections can be intermittent at this time and teachers occassionally lose connection their end. We are open to all suggestions/ ideas and feedback while we all find our way in this new virtual world. Thank you for your support.

New Student Advice

We have students of all ages and all walks of life and we strive to make the Shala a safe, nurturing and positive space for everyone who visits. We are a small independent centre, owned, run and staffed by yogis and our mission is to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through mind-body practices. One of our priorities has always been to make the Shala a personal, rather than an anonymous, experience. Our class numbers are small relative to commercial centres, and there is a genuine sense of community that has always blossomed in our space. Find out more here about the styles of classes we offer, the benefits of yoga and the Shala ethos.

Registration & Booking

Visit the Centre

We welcome new students to stop by and see our space, have a chat and get advice about our classes, workshops and therapies. It is best to come when classes are not in progress; either 15 minutes before a class or during the week days when we are usually at the centre keeping up with admin. Please buzz the Shala intercom (to the right of the door) and come up if you are passing or ring before visiting to check someone is at the centre. If we do not answer the Shala intercom, try buzzing up to our office by using the code 5841 on the keypad on the left). Alternatively if you would like to get some advice by email or phone please get in touch. 

Booking Classes

We request that all classes are booked and paid for before you come for a class. Our website is fully responsive so you can easily book from your mobile phone – even on your way to the studio! We prefer not to have drop in visitors because we require a complete list of everyone coming in to the building for health and safety reasons and also for studio allocation. If you are having issues with our booking system please let us know and we can book a class for you or help with technical hitches. Our front of house area functions more as a hang-out lounge area than a formal reception with most administrative matters being dealt with online or by email.

Account Queries

If you have an account query, please log in to your Shala account where you can track your schedule, visit history, purchases and account details. If you are unable to resolve it online, please email us.

Waiting List

We have a waiting list for up to five people per class; classes can get fully booked during peak times but it is unusual for someone not to get a place in the class they would like. If a class is full, add your name to the wait list and an email or text will be sent to you if a space comes free (and you are opted in for notifications on our system); if you are then unable to attend, email us and we will cancel your booking (our 6-hour cancellation policy does not apply to the wait list) or respond to the text to say whether you would like the place or not. We also have text message notifications so if you would like to opt in for those just let us know.


Please note our cancellation window is 6 hours for classes. For workshops, the cancellation window is 24 hours (sometimes longer) please check the terms and conditions on the relevant workshop page. While we do fully appreciate that late cancellations often happen for reasons beyond your control – illness, weather, British Rail (!), childcare, family or other valid reasons – it is impossible for us to administrate and arbitrate late cancellations or to reallocate spaces, so all late cancellations are automatically charged without exception – thank you for understanding. If you have missed the cancellation deadline, please still “late cancel” so that the teacher knows not to expect you. Note that we do not accept cancellations by phone or email; all cancellations must be made via your online account.


Finding the Shala

The front of our building is marked by our vibrant pink and orange banners on Norwood Road, but our entrance is round the corner at 1 Chestnut Road  – look for our orange street sign and the single door on the left of the Harry Day Mews building. When you book a class you will receive a confirmation email with essential access information. If for any reason you so not have this, please buzz our intercom to the right of the door. Come up to the third (top) floor. Please note that there is no lift in the building so if you have any mobility issues please ring us to discuss. The centre opens 15 minutes before scheduled classes (ie 6 or 6.15pm in the evenings). 

For a location map and information on transport, please see our contact page.


Front of the Shala on Norwood Road


Entrance to the Shala on Chestnut Road


Arriving at the Shala

Signing In to Class

When you arrive, please check in at the iPad on the front desk by ticking the box next to your name on the class sign in screen. If it is your first visit, please tell a member of staff so that we can show you around, answer questions and ensure you feel welcome. Note that we have someone at the front desk at peak times only so at off-peak times, the teacher will be able to assist should you need an orientation or help.

Late & Early Arrivals

Teachers have the right to refuse entry to students who are late for class so please always arrive 5–10 minutes before your scheduled class and be aware that if you are late you may not be able to gain access to the centre – and if you are too early you may need to wait to get access. Please be mindful that it is very disruptive for both teachers and students to have late comers to class. 

General Advice

  • avoid strong caffeine and heavy food at least 2 hours before a flow or dynamic oga class
  • make sure you are well hydrated and that you rehydrate after class
  • wear yoga/sports clothing and bring a small towel if you sweat
  • bring your own yoga mat; if you don't have a mat please see below for more on borrowing a studio mat and cleaning it after use
  • rest from flow or dynamic yoga is recommended for women in the heaviest days of their menstrual cycle; if you do wish to practice, you should avoid inverted postures (shoulderstand, headstand etc)
  • serious medical conditions or injuries should be discussed with us before booking
  • minor medical condition or injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class, please come 10 minutes early to your first class
  • please leave large bags in the changing rooms but take valuables in to the studio with you
  • the Shala does not accept liability for theft or damage to personal possessions at the centre

Studio Etiquette

To help ensure everyone has the best experience possible at the Shala please honor the following guidelines:

  • register, book and pay for your classes online
  • arrive 5-10 minutes before your class to avoid disrupting classes in progress  
  • be as quiet as possible on arriving, waiting for class and leaving to avoid disrupting classes
  • mute mobile phones and refrain from using them while in the studio
  • remove shoes on arrival and place in the shoe rack in reception
  • leave belongings in the changing areas and take valuables only to the studio
  • be clean of body and perfumes when practicing
  • refrain from eating at the studio - we prefer it to be a food-free zone
  • in busy classes, move your mat to create space for others where necessary
  • Note that teachers have the right to refuse late-comers to class - if you are more than 5 minutes late we request that you do not go into class. Thank you



New Student Offer

The majority of newcomers to the Shala start with our Introductory Yoga Offer or our Introductory Pilates Offer, which allows you access to our regular yoga or Pilates classes in your first month for a discounted rate (varying between £39–£45)(*note that this pass allows one visit per day). We encourage you to try a number of classes and find the classes and teachers that suit you best. It is also a good way to establish a regular practice and feel the amazing benefits of yoga in a short space of time. Included in this offer is the option to benefit from a half price massage or therapy.

Alternatively if you plan to come less than 4 times in your first month you can choose a single or 5-class pass. All pricing options can be viewed from our schedule. All purchases including intro offer passes, memberships, therapies and workshops are non-refundable and series expiration dates are firm.

Choosing a Class

Our yoga classes are themed to suit your mood and energy levels (see descriptions below) and we have various levels from Level 1 (suitable for beginners), through to All Levels (mixed abilities) and Level 2 (more advanced). Our teachers do their best to accommodate various abilities but we recommend trying out a Level 1 class first unless you have an established practice. The level of the class does vary from teacher to teacher. Each teacher brings their own style to the class so to learn more about a specific class, check the teacher's biography.

Our Pilates classes are ideal for injury and post-natal rehabilitation as well as overall body conditioning – these also range from Level 1 to All Levels more advanced Level 2 classes. Our teachers do their best to accommodate various abilities but we recommend trying out a Level 1 class first unless if you have never done Pilates before.


Choosing a Yoga Class

  • RESTORE: gentle yin and restorative classes focused on relaxation and releasing tension
  • FLOW 1: flowing vinyasa based practices rooted in Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow. Suitable for beginners. 
  • FLOW 2: flowing vinyasa based practices rooted in Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow. 
  • DYNAMIC: creatively choreographed sequences inspired by Dharma, Rocket or Jivamukti – with some challenges and surprises. 
  • AERIAL YOGA: traditional yoga postures explored through the use of a low hanging, Aerial Sling, which supports the body weight and facilitates the postures
  • SELF PRACTICE: a memorised sequence of postures where you work at your own pace and receive one-on-one tuition and hands-on adjustments
  • SHALA SANCTUARY: a soulful blend of Meditation and Breathwork with a sprinkling of Yoga Nidra and/or Yoga Philosophy
  • Vinyasa-Flow-Yoga


    We offer a diverse and exciting range of weekend workshops and courses. These sessions allow us an invaluable opportunity to go far deeper into various yoga and mindbody practices. Our workshops include:

    • Yin Yoga – three deliciously indulgent hours of relaxation and introspection 
    • Yoga Nidra – a beautifully deeply relaxing practice which takes us to a place of waking dreaming 
    • Moon Gong Meditations where we can experience healing and transformation through sound 
    • Bodyrolling – a unique form of therapeutic bodywork which reorganises the mechanics of the body 
    • Family Yoga – where we can share yoga with our children 
    • Breathing Workshops – where science and ancient practices meet in a fascinating exploration of how we can utilise the breath to overcome a whole range of health issues including depression and anxiety
    • Inversions– an opportunity to explore techniques to master inversions
    • Hypnobirthing midwife-led hypnobirthing course giving you the techniques to remain calm, alert and in control during childbirth
  • Teacher Training Foundation Programmes - 200 hour accredited yoga teacher training, run by the Shala School of Yoga
  • Therapies

    Offering complementary therapies at the Shala is integral to our vision for the centre as a safe place of nurture, healing and growth. We have a skilled team of therapists offering a range of massage therapies and alternative treatments from our therapy room. Anyone on our New Student Offer is entitled to one half price treatment during their first month at the centre. Take your pick from Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Pre / Post-Natal Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports & Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Visceral & Neural Manipulation, Osteopathy and Acupuncture – bookings are made direct with the individual therapists.




    The Space
    • Reception/lounge area
    • Mysore studio  – capacity 25 mats
    • Hampi studio – capacity 26 mats
    • Pushkar studio – capacity 12 mats
    • Womens changing room
    • Mens changing room
    • Toilets x 3
    • Showers x 2
    • Props: bolsters, blankets, blocks, bricks, straps and eye bags 

    Drinks are available to purchase in the reception area. Help yourself to cold drinks (filtered water is free; coconut water £2) and tea (£1.50) and leave the money in the honesty jar. If you would like a coffee (£2), please ask a member of staff (or a barista-trained student!) to make it for you.


    Yoga Mats- 

    Studio Mats


    It is common for people to sweat in our yoga classes and so for hygiene reasons, we request that you bring your own mat or yoga towel. Studio mats are available to borrow from racks in the hallway ONLY if you have a yoga towel to put over it. The only exception to this rule is for new students on an introductory pass, who may borrow a mat during their first month at the Shala. If you do borrow a studio mat, please always clean it after use (there are sprays and wipes to do this) and leave on the rail in the hallway to dry. 

    We have lightweight yoga mats and yoga towels (£25 each) for sale; if you wish to purchase one just ask a member of staff.


    Members Yoga Mat Storage


    Members have permission to store their mats in the shelves in the Mysore room or in wooden box halfway down the hall. Please write your name on your mat, log it in the mat storage list on the notice board, remove from mat bag and store neatly. We have limited space and this space is reserved for members only. We do have regular clear outs and any mats that are left unused at the studio for a period of time will be recycled or thrown away. Non-member mats or unnamed mats will also be removed.

    The Benefits of Yoga