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Yoga Anatomy | Embodied Wisdom ON DEMAND

This ON DEMAND foundational course explores the anatomy of yoga in a way that is relevant, practical and accessible – and enjoyable. It has been designed specifically for those with limited or no anatomical knowledge to give a foundational skillset to enable you to teach safely and confidently.

Yoga Anatomy | Embodied Wisdom | ON DEMAND

Melanie Cooper | 3 months access | 15 hrs |  Price: £195

The human body is a masterpiece of engineering, an absolute wonder of nature and the one true place we inhabit 24 hours a day. This fascinating ON DEMAND course gives essential insight into both Anatomy and Physiology and its application to Yoga.  Not only do you learn about the body but essential elements to yogic practice such as the anatomy of breath and bandhas are including on this training.  Understanding Anatomy and Physiology is key to teaching and practising yoga safely but also key to understanding the philosophy behind sequencing and alignment. 



This topic is often simultaneously crucial to study as a Yoga Teacher but also one of the most difficult to grasp due to terminology and working with concepts that may not be part of everyday knowledge.  To ensure comprehension this course has been carefully curated as a series of accessible, easy to digest, bite-sized videos to encourage micro-learning, which is known to improve long term retention. Short quizzes after each “chapter” also reinforce and consolidate the teachings, 

Yoga Anatomy Course Content

The course is divided into seven “Chapters”. Within each chapter are easily digestible bite-sized short videos in an on demand format plus short quizzes, all of which allow you to learn and easily assimilated the material.

The course includes

  • 10 hours of On Demand content divided into bite-sized easily absorbed chunks 
  • mini online quizzes to ensure that you have fully understood the content

The course “chapters” cover the following topics

  1. Introduction and general overview
  2. Anatomy of Breath & Bandhas
  3. Anatomy of the Hips, Knees, Ankles
  4. Anatomy of the Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists
  5. Anatomy of Forward Bends
  6. Anatomy of Twists & Backbends
  7. Flow classes to “feel” the anatomy teachings in the body
This course is a great for those who may have studied this topic on a 200 TT but want to refresh and/or expand their knowledge, those training on a level 2 and anybody who is interested in the mechanics of the body in yoga practice. 

Yoga Anatomy Course Overview from Melanie Cooper

Melanie Cooper Biography (E-RYT 500)

Melanie has been teaching yoga since 1997. Her love of yoga comes through strongly in her teaching and she has taught anatomy on a number of teacher trainings regularly teaching with world famous anatomy teacher Stu Girling. Melanie is a genuine and down to earth teacher who brings a vast breadth of knowledge to her trainings. 

Melanie divides her time between the UK and Goa running teacher trainings and retreats in UK, Sweden, Crete and India. She is the author of ‘Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana’. Read Melanie’s full biography here.

Melanie 300 hour yoga teacher

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