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Business of Yoga ON DEMAND

This On Demand Business of Yoga course is aimed at yoga teachers who want to market themselves effectively and authentically. This four-part course will give you a deeper understanding of digital marketing marketing covering website, SEO, email marketing, social media and paid advertising campaigns. The course offers easy ways to get set up with marketing and create content to grow your audience.

Business of Yoga | Bundle | ON DEMAND

with Lynda Phoenix

The yoga world is evolving and it’s more important than ever, if not essential noways for yoga teachers to confidently market themselves and communicate with students online.  This can often feel daunting to Yoga Teachers and confusing in terms of aligning their online voice with their offline voice as well as navigating the various tools available within the digital sphere. This course aims to demystify, simplify and practically help teachers get their voice heard through the noise.   This on demand Business of Yoga training will cover 4 modules:

  • Module 1 : Online Marketing
  • Module 2: Website, SEO and Email marketing
  • Module 3: Social Media
  • Module 4: Paid Advertising Campaigns

This course will provide students with a deeper understanding of key marketing channels, strategies and tactics that can support their progression as a yoga teacher. 

This training will also cover all relevant marketing channels that yoga teachers need to have a strong online presence, a deeper understanding of how a website can benefit your teaching career, and easy ways to get set up. You will understand how a website helps the right people find you.

You’ll learn how to grow your following in an ethical and authentic way, build trust and engagement and give your audience an easy way to connect with you.

Used in the right way, advertising is a powerful way for yoga teachers to be visible to their target audience and let people know who you are – and what you do.  By understanding the journey someone takes from when they first discover you online – to when they join your class, you will confidently create engaging and highly targeted adverts that reach the right people who’ll benefit from your offerings.

Yoga Business Training Course

Business of Yoga Course Overview

The aim of this course is to give clarity and understanding of the online world, how having a website can strengthen your online visibility and how yoga teachers can positively market themselves and their offerings. 

Marketing your classes and getting your message out there is an important part of building your teaching career. 

By having a strong online presence you will make your offerings more visible to those who could benefit and get your message out there.

You will understand how to create a website and what content represents your personal story and message. You will learn how Google decides to show your website in search results so you can be easily found by your ideal client, the workshop will demystify SEO (search engine optimisation). 

Have a deeper understanding of the social media channels available, so you can select the platforms that you will enjoy using. You will also practically understand how to set up an advert, what content to create and how to find your voice on social media, create authentic content  and how to program an advert to reach your target audience.

Business of Yoga Course Content

From this training you will learn: 

  • The ‘why’ behind marketing 
  • How to have consistent brand across all your channels 
  • Who is your target audience and how to reach them
  • A clear understanding of the marketing channels available such as Social Media, Websites, Video, Email, SEO, Paid advertising and Blogging
  • What content you should include and why 
  • Email capture and email marketing 
  • Basics of SEO 
  • Optimising content to show in Google search results
  • The key components to include in your website
  • How to track and measure results using Google Analytics
  • A broad understanding of a variety of social media channels
  • Finding your voice on social media 
  • Creating authentic content and conversations 
  • How to use Facebook groups and events 
  • Understanding hashtags, tagging, stories and reels on Instagram
  • Free ways to grow and engage your social media community
  • Broad understanding of social media advertising 
  • Understanding a marketing funnel 
  • How to target your ideal client 
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram adverts 
  • How to create a campaign 
  • Choosing the right advertising objective 
  • How to track and measure results 

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Lynda Phoenix Biography

Lynda Phoenix is a marketing consultant who has worked extensively in the self-development, yoga and wellness industry. She has worked for the largest wellness event in the UK ‘The Wellbeing Festival and has consulted for a variety of Hay House authors and leading Yoga teachers and studios.

She has taught digital marketing at a variety of Yoga based educators including Yogacampus and the Shala School of Yoga as well as The Life Centre. Having worked for over 20 years in the digital space, Lynda has managed a range of digital campaigns including communications for Samsung, pioneering the UK’s first download store, to running a variety of startups businesses

She now dedicates her time to freelancing and teaching in the yoga and wellness industry. Visit Lynda’s website.

Lynda Phoenix

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The On Demand Pre-recorded Material for this course are available for you to access for 6 months


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Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated

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Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.