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Our inspiring range of workshops, courses and webinars range from Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Yamuna Bodyrolling and Sound Baths to FREE webinars, offering ways to gain invaluable insight and develop and deepen aspects of your mind-body practices. New to the Shala? View our new student advice.

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Adelene Cheong, Alexa Dean, Anne Malone, Ayala Homossany, Barrie Risman, Daniel Simpson, David Behrens, Dina Cohen, Gingi Lee, Jennie Wadsten, Liz Lark, Matthew Clark, Melanie Cooper, Norman Blair, Richard Holryd
Blended, Hybrid In Studio & Virtual Livestream, In Studio, On Demand, Virtual Livestream
Flexible Start dates

This diverse and flexible 300-hour level 2 Yoga Teacher Training programme gives you the opportunity to continue your education, expand your knowledge and delve deeper into specialist topics of your choice, creating an advanced portfolio to master yoga teaching as a life path, career and practice.

28 September 2024 
– 20 October 2024
Enhanced Skills | 300-hour Core Module
Gingi Lee, Melanie Cooper
Virtual Livestream

The Enhanced Skills module lies at the heart of our YA accredited 300-hour Level 2 training and it is a mandatory part of our programme. The course is designed to elevate, inspire and evolve you as a yoga teacher. It spans six days as hybrid or virtual only course, covering a broad spectrum of topics from ethics and inclusivity to sequencing, theming, authentic marketing & much more.

2 November 2024 
– 11 December 2024
Sacred Breath | Pranayama Teacher Training
Melanie Cooper
Virtual Livestream

This Pranayama course provides theoretical understanding and practical application of sacred ancient breath-control techniques. Covering personalised practice methods, historical roots, benefits, precautions, and how to integrate the knowledge into your teachings, the course offers live-streamed sessions with catch-up recordings.

16 February 2024 
– 16 February 2024
300-hour Teacher Training Taster
Gingi Lee, Jennie Wadsten, Melanie Cooper
In Studio

For yoga teachers who are interested in studying on our Level 2, 300-hour programme, we warmly invite you to join  our lead teacher trainers Melanie Cooper and Gingi Lee for this interactive event. This will be an opportunity to join us in the studio, hear more about our training programme, ask your questions and get a taste of what it is like to be on our Level 2 teacher training programme.

22 November 2024 
– 24 November 2024
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Jennie Wadsten, Melanie Cooper
In Studio

Three days of nurturing, deep rest and inspiration, this yoga teacher training course will give you what you need to deepen your practice and expand your teaching horizons.

1 January 2025 
– 2 February 2025
Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Melanie Cooper
Hybrid In Studio & Virtual Livestream, In Studio, Virtual Livestream

The slower practice of yin can be a gateway to your inner world, helping you to connect and go deep inside so you can truly rejuvenate. Adding yin to your skill base can significantly expand your horizons and potential as a teacher. On this blended course – 2 days in person or livestreamed plus a library of invaluable recorded content, you will learn how to teach yin in a way that is inclusive, safe and compassionate.

24 January 2025 
– 27 January 2025
Advanced Teaching Skills: Core Module
Gingi Lee, Melanie Cooper
In Studio

This rich 4-day course with lead teachers Melanie Cooper and Gingi Lee is designed for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of asana and refine how they teach asana based classes so it they are alive, multi-faceted, inspirational – and moving with modern times.

Creative Yoga Sequencing Teacher Training
Melanie Cooper
Hybrid In Studio & Virtual Livestream, In Studio, Virtual Livestream


A 3-day training giving you the tools and inspiration to confidently, creatively and intelligently devise your own yoga sequencing. This training has a strong emphasis on exploration and giving students a variety of skills ranging from lesson planning to how to effectively integrate music.

Yoga Anatomy | Embodied Wisdom
Melanie Cooper
On Demand

This ON DEMAND foundational course explores the anatomy of yoga in a way that is relevant, practical and accessible – and enjoyable. It has been designed specifically for those with limited or no anatomical knowledge to give a foundational skillset to enable you to teach safely and confidently.