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Yoga Classes near Sydenham

The Shala offers a calm oasis close to Sydenham with a wide range of classes and workshops to help you unwind from modern day life. We offer a safe and inclusive space where the focus is on accessible practices for the individual, whatever age, whatever level. Our classes honour the riches of traditional yoga, as well what is new it the contemporary yoga world. Join us to breath, stretch, meditate and relax with our wonderful truly talented team.

Yoga Classes for All

We offer a range of yoga classes to meet your individual needs. If you’re a beginner, we have a Beginner’s Flow class to ease you gently in. If you need to rest and reset we have Yin and Meditation. If you would like to energise and be challenged we have Dynamic Flow. And then there is AerialMeditative Flow and so much else in between. Here is more about three of the classes we offer:


Yin & Yoga Nidra: A gentle and meditative yoga class that blends yin, restorative and nidra practices in a slow, nourishing and deeply relaxing practice.

Pregnancy Yoga – Nourishing mind, body and soul, our pregnancy classes support, inform and empower women through pregnancy, towards a conscious and positive birth experience.

Flow Yoga & Bodyrolling – A fusion of yoga & bodyrolling, a unique and profound form of yoga and therapeutic work, which reorganises the mechanics of the body, elongating muscles, releasing the spine and improving alignment, mobility and flexibility.

Serene Studios that Complete the Yoga Experience

Our yoga studios are within easy reach of Sydenham by train or car. Each studio its own unique charm and atmosphere to complement the high quality teaching we offer. The emphasis is on a warm, personalized, light filled space with warm personalized teaching.

Trust Our Teachers to Guide You Through the Process

Each yoga class is unique and tailored to meet the needs of our students. Our yoga classes are led by specialised yoga teachers with many year’s teaching and practice experience. We aim for you to feel safe and supported and and gently guided through your class. 

Begin your Yoga Journey with The Shala

We welcome you to our tranquil yoga centre. For more information about our yoga classes, contact us today. 

Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.