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The Shala School of Yoga teacher training faculty brings together some of the UK’s most well respected and inspirational teachers to offer both a 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programme, as well as advanced stand-alone training and CPD modules. Courses are either HYBRID (in studio and livestream), VIRTUAL (livestream only) or IN STUDIO (in studio only).

About The Shala School of Yoga

The Shala School of Yoga is a long standing organisation that brings together an exceptionally experienced and gifted team of senior teachers. The School provides a supportive and nurturing environment for its students and helps them to reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally. Our team of teachers is committed to providing the highest quality yoga instruction and helping each student to develop a deep understanding of the practice. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, the Shala School of Yoga teachers can offer students a truly transformative yoga experience.

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Blended, Hybrid In Studio & Virtual Livestream, In Studio, On Demand, Virtual Livestream
300-hour Yoga Teacher Training
with  Adelene Cheong, Alexa Dean, Anne Malone, Ayala Homossany, Barrie Risman, Daniel Simpson, David Behrens, Dina Cohen, Gingi Lee, Jennie Wadsten, Liz Lark, Matthew Clark, Melanie Cooper, Norman Blair, Richard Holryd
Blended, Hybrid In Studio & Virtual Livestream, In Studio, On Demand, Virtual Livestream
Flexible Start dates

This diverse and flexible 300-hour level 2 Yoga Teacher Training programme gives you the opportunity to continue your education, expand your knowledge and delve deeper into specialist topics of your choice, creating an advanced portfolio to master yoga teaching as a life path, career and practice.

1 February 2024 
– 9 March 2024
Blended, On Demand, Virtual Livestream
Accessible Yoga Philosophy
with  Daniel Simpson
Blended, On Demand, Virtual Livestream

Delve into a fresh perspective on the evolution of yoga, explore what connects its different practices over the centuries, and see how we can integrate yoga philosophy into our own lives and teachings on a day-to-day basis. An accessible blended (on demand and livestream) guide to yoga history and philosophy with Daniel Simpson that is suitable for yoga teachers and practitioners.

9 March 2024 
– 10 March 2024
Blended, In Studio, Virtual Livestream
Chair yoga teacher training
Chair Yoga
with  Dina Cohen
Blended, In Studio, Virtual Livestream

Chair Yoga is a versatile accessible practice for everyone. Ideal for seniors and the less able-bodied, it is also suited to those who would like to learn different ways to enjoy their yoga practice without rolling out a mat and getting up and down from the floor. You can either take this course in studio or virtual

23 September 2023 
– 18 March 2024
Blended, In Studio
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
200-hour yoga teacher training
with  Gingi Lee
Blended, In Studio

The Shala School of Yoga’s 200-hour yoga teacher training programme has been described by past graduates as “transformational”, “life-changing” and “mind-blowing”.  Our carefully curated Yoga Alliance accredited programme with an  experienced and dedicated teaching faculty will take practitioners deeper into their yoga practice, instilling teaching skills and knowledge and nurturing a new generation of authentic teachers.

About The Shala School of Yoga

About The Shala School of Yoga

The Shala traces its roots to 1998 when Gingi Lee founded his first yoga studio in Battersea. Gingi was a yoga pioneer in London being among the first to set up a yoga studio in the city. The studio was dedicated to the practice of ashtanga yoga, an intense, life-asserting, meditative discipline cultivating strength, flexibility and stamina. 

The Shalas sister organisation The Shala School of Yoga, was set up in 2016 to offer training and courses for those looking for personal and professional development. The courses focus on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this ancient practice, as much as the physical. With this broad foundation, our trainees are encouraged to create their own individual teaching path and find their authentic teaching voice. 

Our teacher training offers a broad range of specialist courses covering styles of yoga such as Yin, Nidra, Pregnancy and Restorative as well as courses focused on Pranayama, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound & Ceremony, Asana, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy and more. 

Our Offerings

The Shala School of Yoga offers a range of in-person, on-demand, and blended learning live stream trainings and CPDs. These include:

Courses & CPDs – specialist 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs, as well as advanced stand-alone training and CPD modules, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. This includes hybrid (in the studio and live stream), virtual (live stream only) or in-person (in-studio only). 

The Shala Yoga Centre offers a variety of inspiring classes, workshops, courses and webinars to help you deepen your mind-body practices. Our range of offerings includes Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Holistic Birth Rehearsal, Mummy & Me Club, Yamuna Bodyrolling and Sound Bath Ceremony, as well as some free in studio open day events that provide valuable insight into various aspects of yoga and wellness.