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Yoga Classes near Crystal Palace

Find a path to inner peace through transformative yoga classes at The Shala. Within our serene, inviting space, you’ll discover a haven to destress, decompress and unwind. Tailored to your needs, mood, and expertise level, our diverse range of inspiring classes close to Crystal Palace invites you on a journey of self-discovery, growth and healing.

Guided by dedicated and highly experienced yoga teachers you can delve into the realms of breathing, meditation, and mindful movement. These practices will work harmoniously to help restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate you leaving you with a sense of profound well-being and vitality.

Tranquil Yoga Studios

At The Shala, we are deeply passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga through our classes and we have been doing just that for nearly 25 years. Here are some of the many advantages of incorporating yoga into your daily life:

Enhanced Mood & Well-being: Yoga offers the healing power to reduce stress hormones, resulting in an uplifted mood and improved emotional well-being.

Increased Flexibility & Strength: While yoga can for many be a spiritual practice, it also provides a comprehensive workout. The various yoga styles and poses strengthen your core, tone your body, and support weight regulation.

Improved Balance & Coordination: Yoga will enhance balance, coordination and stability. This benefit can be particularly beneficial for older individuals at risk of falling.

Our Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes encompass the numerous benefits of this ancient practice. Here are some of our most popular classes:

Aerial Yoga – Aerial yoga, commonly referred to as anti-gravity yoga, is a fun and inventive way to do yoga. Aerial yoga delivers the calmness and tranquility of mat-based yoga whilst offering creativity and playfulness and an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Creative Flow Yoga: These classes offer an innovative, enjoyable, dynamic practice. Learn to move fluidly and gracefully as you are guided towards release and reconnection, returning you to your true self.

Dynamic Flow Yoga: A fun and challenging dynamic class to build strength, flexibility and get energy and vitality flowing.


Ashtanga Yoga: Experience Ashtanga yoga at different levels through our diverse classes. Our Ashtanga led class focuses on vinyasa flow sequences that open your mind and strengthen your inner core, while our self-practice class allows you to explore your mind, body, and soul through independent moving meditation. 


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At The Shala, we aim to reset and rebalance your nervous system, helping you find inner calm and replenish your energy levels through our yoga classes near Crystal Palace. We extend a warm welcome to our Crystal Palace neighbours to join us. Feel free to Contact us if you would like any advice.

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Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.