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Yoga Classes near Tulse Hill

The Shala is an inviting and welcoming hideaway, just a few minutes walk from Tulse Hill, where you can take a deep breath and press pause from busy London life. Our calm sanctuary offers the opportunity to find peace and serenity and reset your mind, body, and soul. 

We welcome people of all ages and walks of life to our inclusive community-based yoga studio, where the focus is on the individual needs of each student. 

Experience our Tranquil Yoga Studios

Our two beautiful yoga studios provide an inviting setting for a diverse range of yoga classes. Our studios are a place to reset and find inner peace.

Yoga Classes for All

Here are just a few of the classes that we offer 

Aerial Yoga – Aerial yoga, commonly referred to as anti-gravity yoga, is a fun and inventive way to do yoga. Aerial yoga delivers the calmness and tranquility of mat-based yoga whilst offering creativity and playfulness and an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Dynamic Flow Yoga: A fun and challenging dynamic class to build strength, flexibility and get energy and vitality flowing.

Ashtanga Yoga: We offer Ashtanga classes at various levels, including Mysore self-practice. This form of yoga emphasizes a continuous flow of postures linked with breath that promote physical vitality, mental clarity and spiritual growth.

Creative Flow: These classes provide a creative, fun, dynamic practice that encourages you to go deeper into your body and exploration of breath. Learn to move fluidly to experience deep release and reconnection and return to your true self.

Beginners Flow: You can start your yoga journey at any time in life and with any level of flexibility, strength and stamina. Our welcoming yoga teachers will introduce you to the basics of yoga synchronizing breath to movement and cultivating a meditative flow state to create inner calm and a sense of being centred.

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We warmly invite you to join our yoga classes at The Shala, just a few minutes walk from Tulse Hill. We hope to leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and rejuvenated. Take a look at all the classes we offer to find the perfect one for you. Or get in touch should you need us to help you choose where to begin.

Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.