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Sound Baths near Kent

Sound Baths near Kent

Access tranquility and healing with a soul-nourishing journey through the therapeutic realm of sound. This exquisite Sound Bath experience in South London, within easy reach of Kent, is led by the masterful musician and yogini, Anne Malone who guides you through a blissful session to help connect you with the core of your being.

What to Expect from Sound Baths at the Shala

Expect a captivating evening of sound healing and meditation, led by the expert sound practitioner, Anne Malone. Anne artfully employs an array of intriguing instruments, including gongs, singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, celtic drum, sansula, Koshi bells, and rainstick. Each instrument’s distinct vibrations and resonances will interlace, forming a tapestry of soothing sounds that guide you on a meditative and contemplative journey.

Settle into the serene space, take a few deep breaths and let the transformative vibrations of sound begin their gentle work, leading you into a state of profound relaxation. The healing potency of these sounds will help to dissolve any blockages and accumulated stress and your mind will find stillness in the harmonious melodies, allowing you to release and be fully present in the present moment.

2023 Sound Baths at The Shala

  • 26 November    19:00 – 20:15
  • 31 December NYE Event TBC
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Experience the Healing Benefits of Sound Therapy

The art of Sound Healing is timeless, aligning with our innate frequencies, intentions, and resonance. Under Anne’s skillful guidance, harmonious sound unfolds, helping to nurture your parasympathetic nervous system, soothe your glandular system, and gently slow your brain waves. 

Anne’s tenderly crafted sounds are healing vibrations that rejuvenate your body, awaken emotions, and uplift your soul. The effects of each Sound Bath can offer clarity, vibrancy and heightened awarenessso you can transcend the ordinary and experience sensations of happiness and harmonious serenity.

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