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Kirtan – Voice Meditation & Yogic Sound

Sound & Voice Mediation is inspired by traditional ancient practices originating from temples of Hindu & Sikh faiths; a communal gathering where the repetition of meaningful Sanskrit mantras brings participants into a state of body mind soul connection, in communion with the divine.
These Kirtan sessions can be described as a therapeutic practice using breath-work, somatic mediation and simple Sanskrit Mantras, some English lyrics, in a singular vocal expression, one voice together connecting us to the sky and earth for grounding and release. This allows participants to deeply connect to themselves and others to release, express and manifest.
Repetitive chants help connect participants to their own voice and act as a therapeutic tool to soothe the mind and emotions. 

Benefits of Singing Kirtan

  • decrease stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • increase positive mood
  • relaxation 
  • focused attention
  • quiet the mind
  • promotes self-awareness and spiritual growth
  • can improve breath control and lung capacity 

About Devaki

Devaki is a multi-disciplinary artist and Movement Psychotherapist and Thomas is a musician/song-writer/music producer/Yoga teacher.  
The 2 met in the Hare Krishna faith in the 80’s where Kirtan was practiced 4 hours/day and Devaki’s father was a world-renowned Kirtan leader. 
And, sometimes, Devaki will be joined by her partner and Shala teacher, Thomas. Devaki and Thomas are life/music partners of 36 years from Canada and Trinidad now long-time South East Londoners. 

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