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Aerial Yoga Foundations near Kent

Aerial Yoga near Kent

Welcome to The Shala. We offer aerial yoga classes near Kent that are thoughtfully designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. We are dedicated to providing a transformative and inclusive space for practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. Our classes are led by experienced and compassionate teachers, who offer a holistic approach to well-being, embracing traditional practices while embracing yoga as a modern ever evolving way of life.

Why Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga promotes playfulness and creativity, offering an emotionally and physically liberating experience. The hammock provides support to experience yoga postures in a different dimension thus building confidence and exploration.

The hammock’s embrace can also brings ease to every movement, rendering each asana and transition more pleasurable and potent. The rocking motion, a hallmark of Aerial Yoga, unlocks physical and emotional benefits. Physically, it alleviates pain, improves sleep, tones muscles, and aids in recovery. Furthermore, aerial yoga offers mental health benefits helping to reduce anxiety and depression while stimulating the release of positive hormones.

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Why Choose our Aerial Yoga Classes

At The Shala, our Aerial Yoga creates a haven for healing and nurturing every participant. Guided by passionate teachers who embody the ethical foundations of yoga, this journey can bring about changes and transformation.

As in all our yoga classes, you’ll be in a nurturing environment that encourages a practice free from striving, competition, and external pressures. Our focus rests on self-nourishment and supporting your physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

Book an Aerial Yoga Class with the Shala

Explore the freedom of Aerial Yoga at the Shala Yoga Centre, within easy reach of Kent. Our liberating classes are guided by experienced teachers dedicated to the essence of yoga. Everyone is warmly welcomed to partake in our aerial yoga near Kent. Visit our aerial yoga page for more information.