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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes Near Crystal Palace

Energising, creative, and relaxing, our vinyasa flow yoga classes near Crystal Palace offer people of all backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of vinyasa. For 25 years years, The Shala has aimed to provide a safe space where people can explore and harness the power of vinyasa-based “Flow” practices. Guided by our highly experienced team, our range of “Flow” classes allow you to stretch and strengthen both body and mind, fostering a sense of well-being and accessing a meditative and grounding “Flow” state of mind

Vinyasa Yoga Classes Near Crystal Palace for All Levels

Vinyasa Flow yoga is an inclusive practice that is available to everyone. Regardless of your level, age or background, our range of classes are open to you. Here are some of our flow classes to choose from:

Beginners Yoga: It’s never too late to start your yoga journey. We have had people joining our classes from 3 months to 80 years! A beginner’s flow class allows you to delve into the world of yoga gain a solid foundation in movement, breath and meditation. This is a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your potential and build a strong foundation in yoga.

Dynamic Flow: This exciting and energising class invites you to challenge yourself and explore more complex poses. With a focus on fluid transitions and powerful sequences, you will experience a dynamic fusion of movement and breath to builds strength, stamina and a courageous mindset.

Meditative Flow: These sessions provide a harmonious fusion of ancient meditative practices, the fluidity of yoga, the grounding energy of qigong, the freedom of movement, and the serene stillness of breathwork and meditation. This unique blend creates a holistic experience that nurtures the body, mind, and soul, guiding you towards inner balance and overall well-being.

Experience the Flow State with Flow Yoga at The Shala

The moving meditation of vinyasa flow yoga goes beyond the time you spend on your yoga mat. The stress reduction and mindfulness benefits from accessing a flow state, stay with you in your everyday life. We welcome you to join our flow classes near Crystal Palace.

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