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yoga teacher training near croydon

If you are looking for fresh inspiration and evolution as a yoga teacher, The Shala School of Yoga offers yoga teacher training very close to Croydon. The focus is on a modular based approach, courses from asana to nidra, yin, restorative, aerial, pranayama, meditation and more. 

Our founder, Gingi Lee, opened his first yoga studio in London in the 1990s, one of only three yoga studio in Greater London at the time. In the years since we have moved and expanded, and today we offer a full range of in person, online and hybrid courses as well as workshops and classes designed to support you to reach your true potential as a yoga instructor.

Whatever your needs or interests, you are likely to find a training course to suit from our 20+ courses a year, which include 200-hour Level 1 and 300-hour Level 2 programmes. Additionally, the Shala offers wellness workshops and retreats, aerial yoga classes, plus breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. 

Expand your horizons at The Shala School of Yoga.

Featured Instructors

Featured Yoga Teachers

Gingi Lee  Founder and guiding light, Gingi’s teachings are rooted in in Ashtanga yoga.

Jennie Wadsten – Jennie is all about cultivating and manifesting awareness, strength and joy.

Daniel Simpson Is an author, yoga historian and purveyor of accessible traditional yoga philosophy

Other teachers on our team include: Normal Blair, Adelene Cheong, Melanie Cooper, Anne Malone, Dr Matthew Clark, Alexa Dean, Ayala Homossany.

Yoga Teacher Training near Croydon: Featured Courses

Yoga Adjusts & Assists

If you are looking to evolve your teaching skills and take yourself to the next level, this course trains you to communicate with your student through touch, working with hands-on adjustments and assists. With an understanding of the biomechanics and energetics of the human body, the 4-day training program led by Gingi Lee is an exciting and popular module on our programme. Find out more.

Sacred Sound & Ceremony Teacher Training

Learn how to use sound as an integral part of your teaching. Using a range of instruments and your own voice, will help you create atmosphere and energy in your classes. Find out more. 

300-Hour Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

The 300-hour level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Programme gives you the opportunity to continue your education as a teacher with a flexible modular based approach to studying, The programme allows you to delve deeper into specialist topics of interest of your choice. Find out more.


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Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.