What is low pressure fitness?

Low Pressure Fitness

How would you sum up what Low Pressure Fitness is? It is a new approach to true core training, which includes the pelvic floor. It is based on hypopressives which is a manoeuvre that reduces pressure in the pelvic and abdominal cavities. This lifts the pelvic organs and consequently the core muscle activity increases. In […]

Foam-roller thursday

Pilates Foam Rollers

If you’ve been attending Thursday evening Pilates throughout the summer, you’ve already felt the benefits of using the Pilates Foam roller. We’ve used the Foam Roller to challenge your stabilisers when we’ve sat, knelt and laid upon it. Across the board you’ve commented how incorporating the foam roller into the Pilates repertoire you already know […]

Getting the most from your pilates practice

Pilates Class

We picked our Pilates teacher’s brains about how to get the most from your practice. Here are their top tips…. Find a teacher you connect with A teacher who focuses on the basic principles in a beginners class is essential to help you get a proper introduction to the subtleties of Pilates and give you a solid foundation […]

7 reasons to try pilates

Pilates Classes

1. Pilates is a good choice for everyone From athletes to grandparents everybody is able to join in… You don’t need a high fitness level to start a Level 1 Pilates session at the Shala. Pilates will slowly work on your fitness level, core strength and improve your flexibility. 2. Stress relief The concentration required […]

Upcoming workshops for january 2016

Pilates Workshop

We have an exciting selection of workshops coming up in January, which will set you up for a super positive start to 2016. Learn the basics of Pilates or Yoga, relax and discover yin yoga practices, experience the restorative powers of Yamuna body rolling and embrace the winter months with a seasonal yoga & qigong […]

Post natal pilates course

Post-Natal Pilates

Reclaim your body and get your body back in to shape after pregnancy with our six-week Post Natal Pilates course.This course provides an extremely safe and effective way way to retrain and strengthen the body from the inside out. By the time you have completed the course you will feel stronger, more in control and […]

Why pilates?

Pilates Class

One year on and we are really feeling the benefits of having incorporated Pilates in to our schedule at the Shala. We frequently recommend that students start their Shala journey with Pilates, especially if they are experiencing injuries that are causing pain. With an emphasis on breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on […]